how sensible is it to seperate at 60

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    If it ain't working at 90, leave.
    separate from what at 60?
    Only a fool would separated at 60 less you want to live alone till you die.I don't think there anyone would want to start a new relationship at 60yr.of age,but keep on dreaming.

    Anything is possible,as i say the world is a big place and
    Life dont stop at 60 it could be a new beggining.

    I wouldn't start again if I was fancy free and foot-loose.
    There are many reasons to separate, and being 60 shouldn't have any bearing on it. Of course if you think your quality of life ends at 60, then maybe you shouldn't. I started a new relationship at 62 because I don't plan to live alone till I die.
    Wouldn't matter at any age,if things havent been good between you for some time and the issues cant be resolved and you are unhappy, then move on.The world is a big place out there and might have more to offer.
    if you mean from your spouse, why would you want to,you've been together this long.. stick it out..
    If you are an unhappy married couple and can part amicably then go for the separation, you don't have to get divorced to think these things through by yourselves for awhile to make any drastic decisions. If there's abuse in the marriage, leave now and don't look back. Just staying together for the sake of the kids and/or grandkids is no reason to stay together either. You have to do what makes you're never too old to start over if you have the financial means to do so. (:

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