does internet explorer work on mac

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    Safari should be on your mac and apple will keep it updated and it work's great.
    Yes,unit use Safari and/or Firefox, much better!
    Yes it does - as long as you get the Mac version. Go to and download it (just make sure you know your operating system #, so you get the correct version). While we are at it, I would not recommend using I.E. for the mac. They stopped supporting the browser a while back, and there are much better browser programs for mac out there. Apple makes "Safari," which I use about half the time, it work great and is much improved over I.E. Another good one if "Firefox," and I like it equally well. I cannot remember the last time I used I.E., since it is way behind the others available (Again, this is for MAC only). Do a quick search and you will find either of these easily. Enjoy.

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