what can menopause do to a womans mind and would she go nuts or crazy

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    I speak from personal experience. When I gave birth to my son my estrogen levels bottomed out.. I was CRAZY!!!!! it to about 6 mo. for me to convince the dr to run and endocrine levels check... He put me on a birth control to increase my estrogen levels and I was fine in about 2 weeks. As soon as I gave birth to my daughter, before even leaving the delivery room, they started me on an estrogen patch.. And I had no problem.... Men can become hostile and depressed with low testerone. So It is not a gender specific disorder. Horemones are serious business.
    When a woman's body stops producing estrogen and progesterone because of menopause, it will start to produce seritonin to take the place of some of the estrogen. Seritonin is made in the body in smaller amounts, but when made in increasing amounts it will affect different parts of the brain in different ways. Irritability, aggressiveness, forgetfulness are just some of the side effects.

    Treatment includes anti-depressants or seritonin reuptake inhibitors.
    Dunno, you tell us.

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