What do you think about Iran, do you see them as a threat to peace in their region?

    So what do you think about Iran, are they the greatest threat in the Middle East? Which country would you consider more of a threat?

    Out of N.Korea, Iran, or Pakistan, which one would you say is the greatest threat?

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    All 4 major religions of the world each will have their share in the downfall of mankind.

    I think the USA is a great threat to peace since it can't seem to keep it's nose out of the rest of the worlds business.

    It's time to stop focusing on the negative and start looking to the positive. Bring the people up instead of down.

    Oh yeah, and bring our troops home! All of them!

    ahh.. Colleen... do you need a cup of coffe baby? He siad region not religion... :) But you are right The Us has had a history of stumping on the ant mound knowing full well you cant ever get them settled back down.

    I did need a cup of coffee and I did notice the mistake yesterday and meant to correct it but got pulled away before I did and then forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder.

    Sorry Leeroy, my bad. I apologized for my illiterate boo-boo again. I really need to stop reading so fast.
    I would say Iran. They are waiting for the moment of our withdrawel from Afghanistan. I do not trust Pakistan either. They have nuclear weapons and were successfully hiding Osama for years. The middle east is like volcano, ready to errupt.
    Iran fired 14 missiles and unveiled underground ballistic missile silos today, kicking off a series of war games over the next 10 days. Some of the missiles, launched today, have a range of more than 1,200 miles – enough to reach Israel and American installations in the region, Iranian PressTV reports.

    Longer-range missiles are not likely to be built because all of Iran's desired targets are already in reach with its current missiles, said Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Revolutionary Guards' aerospace division.

    “We possess the technology to build missiles with longer ranges but we do not need missiles with a range of more than 2,000 kilometers and we do not intend to produce them,” Mr. Hajizadeh said from the sidelines of the drills, which are known as Great Prophet 6. “Iran's missiles have a range of up to 2,000 kilometers and have been designed for US and the Zionist regime [Israel]'s bases in the region."

    The war games demonstrate Iran's emerging capabilities amid a nuclear stand-off with the West, which is concerned that the Islamic republic is developing nuclear weapons under the guise of a civilian nuclear power program. Iran denies such allegations, insisting its nuclear program is solely for energy purposes.

    RELATED NPT 101: Is Iran violating the nuclear treaty?

    Hajizadeh attempted to reassure other countries that Iran posed no threat, adding that the US and Israel were only targets because they threatened Iran. Reuters reported that Hajizadeh said that Iran had no intention of building missiles capable of reaching Europe.

    The message of the drill is that "our strategy is defensive, but our tactics are aggressive," said Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami, deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guard, according to a separate PressTV report.

    The provocative military exercises come on the heels of meetings this weekend in Tehran between Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his counterparts in Pakistan and Afghanistan, ((which have received billions in US aid.)) The Wall Street Journal characterized the summit as part of a broader Iranian push to boost its influence in the region as the US scales back operations in Afghanistan.

    Group cleared over Iran murders
    The case raises serious questions about vigilantes in Iran taking justice into their own hands and undermining the rule of law. Up to 18 people were killed in just ... - Cached
    Chain murders of Iran - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    * History of...|
    * Investigation...|
    * Notable...|
    * Survivors

    The Chain Murders of Iran (قتلهای زنجیره ای ... Murders" was first used to describe the murder of six people in ... whose mutilated bodies were found in their south ... - Cached
    amak ahmadiejad is a total lunatic. i think netenyahu (leader of israel) and the us should step to the plate first, and destroy their necular ambitions ,the best defence is a good offence.i beleive kim jon( i think its his name )leader is just bluffing for financal aid,as well as reconition as a world power.pakistan however who knows?
    Terrorist groups that have found a safe haven in Pakistan are the greatest threat.
    Tu to all above.I could'nt agree more.How can you trust any of them?
    One important player was left out of the question tho.Indonesia,just to the north of Australia,Closer to Darwin than most Australian cities.They are pretty quiet at the moment but there are 400 Million of them (Muslims) With proven links to Al Quaeda ( Sorry about the spelling).The Bali bombing showed the world that they don't like us.I'll be keeping my eye on them.

    You ought to email Fox News on this one, I bet they might look into it? Thanks for the interesting comment, good stuff.
    To me this war game sound all like a chess game, once all the player are in the right position than it checkmate.
    I think if the U.S. brings the troops back home, which I would love to see that day (if it ever happens), that would leave a vacuum of power in the world. I really am in favor of having all of our troopers home, but what diverse effects this would have on the rest of the world is anyone's guess.

    happy to see are troops finally coming home...overdue!

    I couldn't agree more, Fox had a story today that it's against General Petraeus' suggestion though. I hope we haven't wasted all those American lives for nothing. We really need to have a good exit strategy.

    as much as i want to see them come home all hell will break lose once their gone..sorry we cant baby sit the world ,not to mention the costs, both human and monetry

    Yeah, I think eventually with all of this economic turmoil, the eventual answer will be a one world army made up of all countries. The U.N. will probably be the one in charge sooner than we think.

    Of course you know that this will eventually lead to a one world government as well.

    And one world currency and one world religion

    Funny how this was predicted in the Bible about two thousand years ago, huh?
    i think part of the reason we are in no hurry to leave afganistan and iraq is because of irans craziness

    Good point, Israel will probably take care of them I hope. If they go unchallenged there will be hell to pay sooner than later.

    reading a book about armagedan and we dont play a major according to this author i guess we are broke from thieving politcians by then that could happen quicker than we think
    I don't find Iran a threat they have never done anything. But, I do have reserves about another certain country, which finds faults with everyone but itself.


    Very Good Answer....

    You may want to research your position, Iran has done quite a bit of mischief and have threatened to wipe out Israel. They have murdered their own people and had a seven year war with Iraq.

    There is much, much, more if you look it up. Thumbs up on your opinion though, I like to see what everyone thinks.

    Leeroy, I have read the history of Iran. The trouble-makers were England and the US. They caused a lot of unrest in that country, in the past, because they wanted to stay and take the oil. Go to your library and do some research. Don't take everything the media puts out. They are only the mouth of politicians.
    Iran and instability in the Middle East
    Adobe PDF - View as html
    Imad Mansour Iran and instability in the Middle East How preferences influence the regional order ... with a weary United States and an EU trying hard to promote a ...
    Iran's Ahmadinejad Urges Central Asia to End Domination of ...
    ... unnamed Western countries for global instability ... Iranian steps to establish trust and promote dialogue would be in the interest not only of Iran but of the Middle East ... - Cached
    Price spikes caused by political instability in the Middle East
    Apart from Iraq and Iran, most citizens of the Middle East are hugely ... religous extremists also promote an ... Likely Scenario - no spikes from Middle East instability - Cached

    That's heaps....i'll read them in due time and comment later on... Thanks Leeroy!

    Cool, no problem.
    I believe it is wayyyyyyy past time we stay in our corner of the world and the rest of the countries stay in their corner of the world.
    I do not trust IRAN testing launching system's and enriching uranium they are trying to make nuke's from their nuclear plant and being so close to Russia I do not trust them either!

    Thank you for the thumb ups
    Like Eggplant has said...I don't see Iran in doing anything bad to the world....they are creating such missiles 'normally' like every other country in order to defend can't stop them...Just because they are reaching the same level as don't need to see them as a threat..

    I don't believe that they will be close to the amount of nukes or the technology that the U.S. has ever. Most of the concern is over their hatred of Israel and unstable leadership.

    You have to take people word for what they are saying and they've said they'd like to wipe Israel off the map. All of these countries have signed the Nuclear non proliferation treaty. Yet they willfully break their word to the world.

    Who said that they 'like to wipe Israel off the map' ??

    Ahmadinejad Calls Again to Destroy Israel; Iran's President ...
    Ahmadinejad Calls Again to Destroy Israel Iran's President and Top Leaders Threaten "Zionists and Their Supporters" Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Friday vowed ... - Cached
    Iran threatens Israel's allies - World news - Mideast/N ...
    ... Khomeini, right, and supreme leader ... Moscow, Olmert did not specifically threaten to cripple Iran’s nuclear program in a military strike, as Israel ... - Cached
    Iran threatens, the world silent... JPost - Israel
    Iran threatens, the world silent By JPOST.COM STAFF ... its genocidal intentions with regard to Israel and ... Iran’s leaders are hell-bent on developing nuclear weapons ... - Cached
    Iran Threatens Israel With Preemptive Strike
    Iran Threatens Israel With Preemptive Strike ... terrorist groups, which share the same basic ideological goals as Iran's leadership ... - Cached
    Iran's Religious Leader Threatens "Stunning Punch" In remarks delivered to Iran's ... the leaders of Iran would gladly welcome all out war against Israel. It ... - Cached
    President Ahmedinejad Threatens U.S. With War 'Without ...
    [Sep 21, 2010] President Ahmedinejad Threatens U.S ... possibility that Palestinian leaders may ultimately make peace with Israel ... disputed suggestions that leaders of Iran's ... ( 364 Comments )
    doublehelix that's heaps...i'll read every one of them and comment later on...
    They sure don't spread peace, prosperity, and a freedom loving attitude!! Hell, the oppress their own people.

    I do believe that Iran is the biggest threat of that region. Seems he just took over where Sadam H. left off with his ambitions. Russia is their buddy as was Sadam's. They have helped our enemies every opportunity they've had.

    Nuclear capability in the hands of an idiot that has already sworn to destroy Israel is definately a serious matter. The Arabs will never stop fighting each other and other countries. America cannot keep holding these types of country at bay forever by itself.

    Time for America to come home, regroup, seal our borders, fix what is broken with our economy, and build up a little respect once again from other countries. We used to be feared. Now we're known for fighting political wars and not winning a thing. Rebuilding countries? What's up with that? That's BS. I'm with Colleen. Let's quit trying to save the world and save ourselves.

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