MENOPAUSE! What does it mean to you, and what are the symptoms?

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    It means "it's all history now baby" to me. I went through it, had the most miserable time of my life, and now things are back to normal. I never had hot flashes, never had any of that stuff except the mid-life crazies. Had to go on Prozac for a long while. Breezed through the rest of it without incident.

    You dog.

    Did you find the Prozac helpful? and if so what dose were you given.My doctor has offered them to me but i am worried about side affects.

    Yes, they were very helpful p! I can't remember what the dosage was, I know they started me out low and went up until I felt better, so it wasn't a very high dosage. I felt no side effects other than I couldn't cry about anything if I had wanted to. A damper was put on the strong emotions. No crying, no screaming or shouting.

    MEN O PAUSE means cessation of menstrual cycle in women. When the monthly periods in women stops completely this condition is known as menopause. A women attaining menopause is no longer able to conceive any more. She isn't able to get pregnant. During the initial stages of menopause, she could experience irregular periods, hot flashes and excessive sweating at night. Some of you could go crazy and act irritated, angry, having no control over their emotions also known as mood swings.

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