connection to internet through mobile

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    Things You'll Need

    * Cell phone or USB modem
    * Data plan with tethering
    * USB cable

    * 1

    Connect the mobile device to your computer. Attach the USB cable to your mobile device on one end and to the computer on the other. If using a USB modem, connect it directly to an available USB port on your computer, or use the USB extension cable included with the modem if it cannot fit in one of your USB ports.
    * 2

    Launch the Internet sharing program. If you are connecting a cell phone or smart phone, open the Start menu or Applications folder on the phone and look for a program titled Internet Sharing, Tether or similar. Not all phones have this feature, and some carriers may block the feature on their phones while others allow it. If you have questions, contact your carrier directly.

    If you are connecting via a USB modem, insert the modem into your computer and launch the software that came with the modem.
    * 3

    Start the Internet sharing connection. With the Internet tethering application launched, verify the connection is set to be shared via USB. If not, find the "PC Connection" menu and use the left and right arrow keys to change the connection method to read "USB." Next, press the "Connect" soft key in the Internet sharing application.

    If connecting via a USB modem, click the "Connect" button in the connection management software you launched in Step 2.
    * 4

    Verify the Internet connection is active. It can take a few seconds for the Internet connection on your phone to be active on the computer. The connection will show as a wired one in your Network and Internet control panel. This control panel is located by clicking on the "Start" menu and selecting "Control Panel."
    * 5

    Test the connection. Launch a Web browser or messaging program to make sure the shared mobile Internet connection works on the computer.
    * 6

    Ending the connection. To stop the mobile Internet sharing connection, simply click the "Disconnect" soft key in your Internet sharing program on the cell phone. If connected via a mobile USB modem, click "Disconnect" in the connection manager software used by your mobile carrier.

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