I'll bet, you all don't know that next year, you'll all be eating lab-grown, test-tube burgers, They also predict chicken and lamb will be on the menu too. Did you know this?

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    That is unnaturel and will cause many problems.I rather become a Vegetarian than eat this crap.

    Good one, you made me really laugh hard on this answer.
    Wont worry me, I only eat home made Aussie burgers with real meat patties, most others today are full of meat extenders anyway.
    Then we wonder where cancer and all the allergies come from. Wish they would stop messing around with nature.
    I did not know this and I'm skeptical about the validity of it.

    It was on the news this morning. And, I also found it on The meat is made from stem cells taken from animals.

    Hmm, well I guess it's all organic. Same, same.
    Sounds like trouble to me, I won't eat any if I can help it.

    I don't eat meat, but I do eat fish. Hope they don't do anything to the fish.
    I guess I don't have too much to worry about here - unless they start figuring out how to duplicate vegetables.
    MMMMMM,sounds good to me!LOL
    bet you didn't know we've been eating it for years.
    I live next to a cattle farm... My friend the owner slaughters and butchers a cow for my family every so often... I think I am going to stick with him. PS All of my vegs are home grown too... Well exsept for lettus.

    I grow my lettuce too. Soon, they'll be making vegetables with stem cells, I suppose.

    I never have any luck with lettuce. It is the only think I cant keep the rabbits out of.
    Maybe they can add brain washing juice to the menu? I would go well with synthetic chicken.

    yes I like that LOL

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