I rent a house and My dog got out of the yard because the landlord did not fix fence. Is the landlord responsible for the fence?

    My dog got out and attacked another dog, I have done what i can to keep my dog tied up or in his pen. He got out and attacked another dog, I have a large bill that I have to pay now. I was wondering if my landlord is at all partially responsible because i have asked for fence to be fixed and he knew I have two dogs.

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    it's the landlords obligation to keep the fence in good order but at the end of the day your dogs are your responsibility.
    You can't realistically expect the landlord to "Foot the Bill" because your dog attacked someone elses.If you ask him to don't be too surprised if he asks you to lose the dogs or vacate the premises.

    I dont expect him to pay the bill...i want to know if he has to fix the fence, my yard backs on to 4 peoples yards with dogs, i have done what i can to keep my dogs tied up and in a penn, i have tried to fix the fence on my own, i dont have the money, is it written anywhere that he should maintain the fence when he knew i had 2 dogs and i asked several times for the fence to be fixed?

    It is the landlords obligation generally to maintain the property in the condition it was in when you first accepted tenancy.In other words if the fence was in disrepair then it might have been in your best interests to ask him to repair it before you moved in.
    If all you want is the fence repaired it's not unreasonable to ask him to at least to supply materials.
    Keep asking him.
    PS.Whether or not you have dogs would not be an issue I would think.The fact that you have a 2 Y.O. is.
    He is not even responcible to fix the fence unless you have a claus in your renters agreement that there would be an inclosed yard. It is his propery and the fence does not affect your health or safety. You are responcible for your dog.. I have had my dogs get away from me and it is scary.

    i know im responsible for my dog, i rented this house because it was supposed to be fenced in for my son and my dogs, and that was just what was said between the landlord and i, i guess a verbal agreement, i was out of town when this happened i feel terrible, my friend feels terrible, i have to pay the huge bill on a payment plan which i will do, i just want to know if the landlord should fix fence and if it would be written somewhere, if there is anything i can do,

    A verbal agreement is in fact binding however the problem you have is whether the landlord will admit to a verbal agreement regards the fence.
    Under the circumstances unless you have a witness to the verbal agreement it is highly unlikely the land lord will admit to such an agreement.

    Another colour on the canvass of life.
    Learn from it.

    Talk to him.. I would like to know if he is going ot stand by his word. I hope things work out for you. Let me know what happens. Thanks.
    You knew the fence was broken. You are responsible for your dog. If you had him tied up or penned, how did he get out? Knowing the fence was broken and your dog is a runner, you needed to use extra caution until the fence got fixed.

    He got away from my friend while I was out of town to visit my father for fathers day, i know its my responsibility because my dog got on someone elses property, what im asking the landlord partially responsible? especially when i asked for the fence to be fixed numerous of times? is it written anywhere, i dont expect him to pay for the bill, it sucks but now i have to pay for another dogs injuries and i dont want this to happen again

    I do not think he is responsible if there is a pen and a tie out in the yard. You may luck out and have the courts side with you but I think it will come down to who was responsible for controlling the dog.

    ok i understand that i have to pay bill for injuries, im okay with that, does he have to fix fence? where could i get that information from?

    Unless the fence is a hazard to your health and well being, or unless it's a town ordinance that the fence must be in good condition, he may not have to fix it. Check with the zoning department in your town. You usually can find it at the town hall.
    yes. its his property. would he expect you to get the roof fixed if it leaked? no. its his property

    actually i have done all the labor for this house for free because if i didnt it wouldnt get done or he would ask me to leave, for instance, laid grass, stone, capped windows, laid floor, carpet, built deck, bought toilet, eavestrauffs, painted, had someone come and clean mold from basement etc. he did pay for the materials but i had to do it myself, i offered to build fence, if he bought the stuff, i asked him 4 months ago, mentioned it several times, obviously im a girl and dont know how to do this stuff i have to keep asking my friends to help me, so now the fence is completely fallen over because of the incident, i have a 2yr old and a non fenced in yard, i just want to know if it is written anywhere that he is responsible to fix the fence
    The best answer is, from Advice Center, or Legal advice. This way, you can ask all questions, then you will know for sure.
    Just put an old washer or dryer in front of the hole and ignore the extortion charges, their dogs were to available too

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