i have lost my histoy and favorites such as banking info and anscestors etc where on my puter can I find and restor them to my desktop

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    You can always do a system restore back to before you lost everything. You will lose any new downloads or upgrades you've done though.
    What do you mean you lost them? Did you just update your browser? What browser do you use?

    What is a browser ? And what does '' default '' mean in internet/ computer language ?

    A browser is the search engine you have installed on your computer that URL addresses are imputed to to take you to the site you want to be at or it's used to browse the internet by typing what you're looking for into the search bar on your browser. You have the address bar (URL) and the search bar (it most commonly has a magnifying glass on it meaning search). There are many different browsers out there. Default means the browser that is installed into your operating system by the manufacturer. So say your operating system is Microsoft Windows, then your browser by default is Internet Explorer. You do not have to use only IE, you can add any browser you want to.
    that happen to me too.....when I changed my internet server from aol to comcast.But I still get on aol all the time thru Comcast.Now, I can't access any of my chatrooms, or my favs , or any of my other goodies :-(

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