convert 9,460,528,400,000 kilometers to scientific notation with one decimal point

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    9.4605284 x 10 raised to the power of 12

    Conversion of large numbers into scientific notation is very easy task.

    For example, if you are trying to convert the 1000 into scientific notation, then would be 1 × 10 raised to power 3,

    Similarly, for 1234, it would be 1.234 × 10 raised to power 3

    Method to deal with such kind of problem:

    1. First count the number except the one in the first

    2. The number you count will give you the power to be raised you want.

    3. Then, apply the above the example and obtain your result

    Corresponding to your problem,

    The answer is 9.46 × 10 raised to power 12 [correct for math one]

    But if you are sorting such kind of problem in science,

    first of all you should convert the given unit into SI unit

    and proceed as above.

    Note: There are other rules for the conversion of given numerals into scientific notation which I have not mention here.

    But I am sure it will certainly help you.


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