My girlfriend used an illegal substance while pregnant but she stopped using 6 months before the baby is supposed to be born. I know that it takes 72 hours for an illegal substance to leave the body. What I wanted to know is when the baby is born...i know there wont be a trace of the drug in the baby...but will it be in the placenta? She is worried she might loose her baby

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    Perhaps the baby will be better off. I'm sure she wouldn't make a good mother and the child would suffer. I'd say your girlfriend deserves everything that's coming. I have no sympathy with drug addicts or takers. And what are you doing? Are you on the stuff too? You fools.
    any drugs booze chemicals etc, will have developmental effects on the infants brain. bloody stupid thing to do to a growing child!
    I am very proud of her for pulling herself together. Continue to support her after the baby is born.. Infants are stressful and she may want to escape the pressure. If you see anything questionable please put the baby first and get them both help... To answer you question, no the blood work should be fine but there may be some developmental issues, becuase the first trimester (3 months) are crutial to developement,that will be questioned. Congradulations on the baby... KEEP HER SAFE....

    Hi Jen, you are very kind. Regarding drugs, I have no sympathies at all. She may get back on the stuff later on. If she stays off it, then all power to her. Also Jen, depending on what drugs she's been taking could ruin her brains forever. I look after my little grandaughter because her idiot of a mother smoked ice. She, the mother, is permantly damaged and dangerous. If people take ice or smoke it constantly, they have two years to live.

    I dont either.. but at this piont, knowing she is trying, I wanted to support and not condem... It is my way.. But I respect where you are coming from. And agree with you totally.

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