how do i barbecue corn on the cob

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    I soak the corn on the cob in sugar water, when I light the grill i put the corn still on the husk on the grill and when the grill is hot i throw my steaks on and turn the corn at times to cook it even, when my steaks are done yummy its all done.
    How To Grill Corn On The Cob:
    I wrap them in foil,past with butter,and open a cold bottle of beer while slowly cooking,and if you smell something burning,you've had one to many.

    That is how I do them too. I have 45 earsd in the fridge I need to put up... I am corned out..
    I cook on low heat i peel it clean it butter grlic oragano about 20 minutes untill you start to get it brown all over
    Leave the corn husk on of course, and rub in some garlic and rocket, basil, whatever herbs you like with butter and stuff it undet the husk. IF You want to do it faster, you could always parboil it before bbq. then do your herb thing.
    A little balsamic vinegar goes a long way as well.

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