Has anybody noticed the rise in numbers of people who are dieing from PANCREATIC CANCER

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    Bro in Law died a couple months ago of pancreatic.. He actually did fine for about 8 years or better. technology is getting better every day, soon cancer will be nothing but an annoyance. Better hurry up though, I myself am a cancer survivor but it was a lot o' work..

    really glad you completed your work, vinny! congratulations.
    Scary! There were two women in my neighborhood who died from pancreatic cancer. They both had gone through a lot of stress, before they became ill. Stress is a killer.

    My daughter is taking a cross country trip with a woman (27) She is pretty far into pancreatic cancer. i hope all goes well. she wants to make a reunion with her old friends. she has two little kids and a husband who has cancer. that's stress.

    That is sad. I wonder how they deal with it. Life alone is stress. Your daugther is an Angel.
    Yes, my sister-in-law's sister died of it a few years ago.But, she had diabetes and was a smoker.

    I used to smoke. I swear if I smoked now I would just die. It just ain't good for you. It could cause anything. imho

    Pancreatic and lung cancers are usually found during the end stages.   There are reports that people who consume a lot instant or smoked food are more likely to get pancreatic cancer.

    I know so many people who died from pancreatic and lung cancer... my dad for one.(lung)

    Prevention is the best way to live cancer free. Just by eating brown rice, you can cut your chances of getting cancer by almost 50%. 

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