Have you had a midlife crisis, what was it like?

    I think I'm having one....or not.

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    I moved. I quit my job. I was a true bitch to my husband. I was diagnosed attention deficit and took adderal for a couple of years. that was an experience for sure! I wrote a lot ... later burned it up. My advice: don't quit your job. be nice to the people you love. don't move from your location ... not for awhile anyway.

    Wow, and he is still with you?...LOL, no I won't quit my job, won't move, and am not going to be an ass to anyone. Thanks for advice! ;-)

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    haven't quite hit midlife yet, i found the secret to staying young is by not acting your age ... so far so good.
    had a melonoma the size of a softball taken from my axilla lymph nodes, just get on with life theres always someone else worse off
    With women it's called menopause. I took pills to help me keep my sanity. Got sick of the pills a while back and weaned myself off of them. Back to normal (whatever that is) now and feeling better than ever.
    At 79 I have yet to experience that particular phase in life.
    Guess when it happens I will buy a ferrari and hook up with a 20yr old bimbo, go on a long sea cruise and die with a smile on my face.
    Pity the undertaker trying to get the lid on the coffin.

    ed shank

    They'll duct tape it down.
    I had a mid "wife" crisis.. I was tired of being mom and wife and maid and referee. I travled for almost a whole summer.. Some with kids but none with hubby.. I wanted to kill him in his sleep. I got a tan a hard body and dyed my hair with blonde streaks. Got a belly button ring and started smoking again. It was short lived and hubby and I were having other issues at the time. I hope that was my mid life crisis.. Idont thnk i can do any better than that.

    you Jenn that we wear about 5 differents hats a day!
    ed shank

    Extreme Jenn, what can I say.
    I can't say I have. But, then I'm strange anyway.
    ed shank

    Strange is not experiencing it.
    Yes. Not good. Glad there's no "End life crisis".

    How old are you.. You can possobly be concenrsed about end of life anything .. Ithought you were about 40 or so. Oh and I try my best to be extreme.. LOL

    No, I've past 40 sometime ago, Jen. I'm a grandma, not an old one mind you.
    ed shank

    I wish my dear. The body recently turned 60, the rest never got out of my 20's.

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