I need to know if I can get addresses from the Internet because I want to start a bussiness and I want to send colored brochures to different possible customer.I do not need names, just address and i will use the word RESIDENT instea of names.

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    I do not know of any sites offering free mailing lists. You typically have to buy mailing lists. Google mailing lists for the type of business you are planning on starting.
    No, you can not get a list of names like that from the internet.
    Why dont you try and find adresses in the phone book.
    The internet deals with IP's and email addresses only. They don't care about mailing addresses. The only way to get lists like that would be like the mail order companies do, they buy them from other mail order companies.
    I never asked for names. All I need if Physical Addreses in order that I can mail them color brochures and use the word RESIDENT instead of names. I recieve mail everyday like that.

    No Names, No Names.

    I meant addresses, sorry.

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