Why are my Tomatoe Plats not producing tomatoes yet?

    I started them back in March with seeds and transplanted them. They have grown nice and produced blooms for the last month or so but no tomatoes yet. The blooms just stay on the plant idle. I have two types growing - Rutgers Select and Beef Steak. I water them and it is really hot now but want to know if there is a way to promote tomato growth now. Pruning or what?

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    Bloom Set. Tomatoes often have blooms that don’t set fruit and continue to do this. A Bloom setting compound is a spray of a hormone that tomatoes need in order to set fruit. This hormone will naturally turn-on eventually but is accelerated by using this compound available at most garden product stores. Call around to see who has it locally.

    Blossom Set Spray | Buy from Gardener's Supply
    This natural plant hormone helps blossoms set fruit in spite of poor weather conditions, and produces larger, meatier tomatoes with fewer seeds. ...
    Because there tomatoe PLATS now if they were plants then they would be producing tomatoes!
    Might be too soon yet...depends upon where you live. I'm not familiar with pruning but some folks swear by can get more info by going on about that...I'm not familiar with the types of seeds you have...maybe they produce all at once as some do...good luck!
    I live in Ohio and my tomatoes are growing slower than the last year. Give the plants the tomato food regularly.

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