how can i stop my bird bitting me when i clean her out

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    perhaps you mean her bird cage? maybe put on a swade glove !!
    Spend more time with her so she can get to know you and feel comfortable with you. You've not done enough with her as far as holding her and patting her so she can understand that hands are not something she needs to fear. Until she understands that, she will continue to bite you because she sees your hands as threats and not an extension of you. Birds can not understand hands are attached to us. They need to be taught to not fear the hands. I have 15 birds. Not one of them bite my hands.

    Colleen , You're NOT supposed to '' hold and pat birds '' b/c they are naturally very afraid to have their wings trapped by you wrapping your hand around them to pick them up. You're supposed to try to get them to sit on your finger...Then, they may let you gently touch their wing with the tip of one finger, or they may give you a kiss. Maybe then , the bird will let you touch his head, But DO NOT HOLD HIM.

    But, yes, it's true that you're supposed to put your hand inside his cage to let him / her get used to it. Then, encourage his/ her to get on your finger.

    LOL mcm, tell that to my birds who climb all over me and play with me (my hands). I pat and touch every part of them (well except for "there"). I suppose they shouldn't sleep with you either? Tell that to my Autumn who slept on my chest under the blankets and when I'd roll over she'd move to my shoulder. She slept with me for 2 years until we went to the bird breeder and she picked out a boyfriend. My birds love to be held. They settle into the palm of my hand and sleep. Maybe I'll record my birds interacting with me and show how I stroke their whole bodies and hold them in my hands. Birds are much more intelligent than people give them credit for.
    I'd bite you too, if you were cleaning me out
    Birds are really protective of their cages. It's their territory. If you can take it out and distract it with a treat, you will be able to clean it, just make sure he/she is not able to see you touching the cage, it will come running or flying for your hands.Like Colleen says, it's nothing personal.I had a yellow headed amazon parrot that loved me like there was no tomorrow but heaven forbid I touched his cage. If he could see me from a distance touching his house he would literally bolt across the floor(to fat to fly) and come after me.

    Wow, I've never known a bird to be so territorial over their cage unless they had eggs in it. I think your bird might be a little nutty, lol. I have 6 feet high, 3 feet wide, 4 feet deep flight cages for my birds, I can literally put half my body into them through the door opening. My birds love for me to visit inside their "houses". I get all kinds of hellos and kisses, lol.

    What kind of birds do you have Colleen? Maybe my birds take after me...a little nutty;) My parents had an African grey and an amazon like mine and they were all that way with their cages. Reading over my comment I have to realize that I am my parents the nuttiness runs in the family.

    I have Sun Conures, Jendey Conures, Green Cheeks, Cocktiels, Parakeets and Finches. African Geys are notorious for their aggressive ways. They typically bond to only one person and if that person leaves, they will never bond to another. Amazons, I do not know much about. Did you get your birds as babies? That makes a big difference. With my birds, I got them as babies or they were hatched here. They've only ever known me as the "mother bird" because I hand fed them all.

    Wow another fellow bird lover. I was supposed to bird sit the amazon but he literally fell in love at first sight.The previous owner just couldn't take him home when she returned two months later. Sadly he passed away since then.My parents adopted the others so not fully bonding makes sense. I would love to raise one from a baby but knowing the things I want to do in my life it would be selfish to even consider that. I currently have a little female cocktiel thats 15 years old and a complete sweet heart. Always loved birds though. I would love to see your pets I bet they are all beautiful.

    I'll see if I can find the pictures of them. I have 4 computers so I have to remember which one I have them stored on. lol

    Thanks Colleen, I just love much personality. This is probably the last time for a few weeks that I will be on here. On our way in the early afternoon tomorrow. Thanks again for your well wishes.

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