Requesting your help by donation of ice cream for teenagers on the cause of Suicde Prevention

    Neena Grover
    Founder of the Walk 413 275 6508
    Springfield was the first one to start a Walk ann now spread to 265 cities. Our aim is to show DVDs on prevention after the Walk.
    If you can give us some small three hundred to 400 hndred items
    Suicide is the second lading cause of death in teenagers and is preventable with proper education. YOUR HELP IN THIS CAUSE WILL BE APPRECIATED.

    WE will display your logo if you want.

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    1 Answer

    I think i'd like you working on my team. You're reaching out in all directions for your creative cause. It's people like you who have what it takes for success,
    However, this is not the right site for your type of public relations. call or e-mail your local newspaper. do you have a mentor who can help you with some of the technical stuff? You will need one as time goes on. good cause. good kid. yay!
    also talk to a counselor at your college or highschool.
    you don't say what is needed ...

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