What old move would you like to se remade?

    Do you think that Hollywood could do the movie justice? Would you want certain actors, directors, or producers?

    Oops See, remade... I must have typed it to fast sorry.

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    Wow, I really botched this question, the question was supposed to be,"What old movie would you like to see remade?"

    This is one of the times I typed way to fast, I sure would like to have the edit question option available again.

    No big deal. It looks fine. You only left out one E

    Thanks,I also missed an I in movie. I do miss the option that we had on the old format where you could edit your question.

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    If you ever get a chance, watch it. Ever watch "TCM" shows great b/w movie classics.
    ed shank

    My wife and I love TCM, now that was acting. We've actually canceled dinner dates to watch an upcoming movie.

    great movies and acting!
    It would be hard to do but I would like to see an updated version of Gone With the Wind. It would have to have some really high profile actors and actresses and an extraordinary director to even come close to the original.

    Yeah, I wonder if it would be possible, times have changed so much and Hollywood sure puts out a lot of garbage. This would be a really challenging movie to reproduce.

    Tht is what I came here to say... I think there would be a whole knew fan base if it were remade.

    See my post about that. A remake wouldn't work
    White old gangster movie,starring James Cagney.

    And Cagney was good when he played the part of --likle a young business man that took over a reform school b/c they were abusing the boys.
    Then he fell in love with the nurse <3

    That sounds a good one too,thanks.

    Gangsters todays movies can't compare to the old gangster movies whos gonna beat out Cagney, Bogey,Edward g. Robinson no one can outdo them
    "The Outlaw Josey Wales".Maybe Mat Damon Or Johnny Depp could play Clint Eastwoods part.(Josey) & Clint could direct.It was a fab movie then & remains my all time western favourite.
    ed shank

    Clint my favorite good, bad guy. Redford wasn't bad either.

    Good one, I was thinking about Clint Eastwood when I asked, one of my favorites thumbs up.
    I don't think they can remake the old movies and do them justices. Maybe if they just up date them and not change to much.
    I don't like any old, good, classic, movie to be remade, b/c they always do a lousy job of it. Like the original version of Karate Kid was way better than the current version. In the modern one, all there is--is too much fighting. But, in the original one, it was more about the old Japanese man mentoring a young, poor, fatherless teen who really needed his guidence. Pat Moriata was excellent, and so was Ralph Machio.
    Puh leeze, don't remake GWTW, b/c they would mess it up so bad.
    They lost their chance anyway, b/c Burt Reynolds would have made the perfect Rhett Butler, when he was in his 40s.

    Yeah,they'd prob'ly use Tom Cruise & thar would bugger it up altogether!
    The Pit and the Pendulum. Scared the hell out of me first time I saw it.

    The book was scary. Had to read it in Jr. High. Didn't know they made it into a movie. Where so you rent old movies ? Can you get really old movies off the internet ?
    ed shank

    Cool flick, you probably could order it on line, but sorry I can't help you with that.
    I am all for Gone with the wind... I think it can be done respectfully. And with the cinamatography and special effect we have know I think it could be wonderful.... Just dont let anyone touch my shirley temple movies...

    That would be great to see, I just don't see Hollywood putting out many high quality movies anymore. It seems like they rely on special effects to often. Thumbs up.
    I like science fiction movies. Remake when world's worlds collide. Today with all special effect's they use. They can add more storyline from the book. Then use good actor's and use a talented directer. Stay faithful to the original movie.

    Some of the old sci-fi movies could do with a remake.You have to laugh when you see some of them these days.

    Yes a lot were pretty corny and thank you for the thumb ups
    The Pit and the Pendulum. Scared the hell out of me first time I saw it.

    Hey,what's this.Is this how you score 2 thumbs up?
    ed shank

    Me or you? A mistake no doubt.

    You posted the same answer twice.LOL
    ed shank

    Clicker finger went nuts.
    It seem to me like Hollywood is short on great directors, it's more of who you know than how talented you are.

    Things have changed, not like it use to talks!

    With the budgets that most of these film have most people with common sense could do wonders in the film industry.
    The new True Grit is very good but as good as it is its not the same as The Dukes True Grit
    Dunno there Leeroy, but I sure would enjoy if someone would make an excellant movie out of the book by John Farrell - Clarence Darrow attorney for the damned. Now a really good director could make that into a very fascinating and great movie.

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