Atheist and the Bible

    Most Atheists I know have read the Bible cover to cover one or more times. If you are an atheist, have you read the Bible? If so, how many times?

    If you are a Christian or any other religion, feel free to honestly answer the question too, if you can. But by reading the Bible, I mean actually reading it cover to cover, not reading bits and pieces over a period of years, and not as a part of a directed reading and studies program. By reading it, I mean have you actually read each book of the Bible both old testament and new?

    I know I can get a straight answer from the Atheists. They'll tell me the truth, but of the so called Christians, I'm not so sure. How about it. Fess up and tell the truth for once. If you don't, God will know and you'll go to HELL! LOL.

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    To clarify, I mean to read each book of the Bible in its entirety in each sitting. Not the entire Bible non-stop. But reading each book all at once should be no big deal for anyone who does read books.


    It will be interesting to see how many people view this question, but don't, can't or are afraid to admit the answer to my question about whether they actually read the Bible and if they are either Christian, Atheist, Agnostic, or some other religion.

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    Are Athethists and the Bible sononomous? Hmmmmmmm seems contradictory to me for one that does not believe God even exists for them to read the Bible but glad some are they might learn some real truths.


    I think it's more or less for them to have something to backup their belief with. A lot of people prefer to come to a conclusion after they've gathered as much information as they can rather than just coming up with an opinion on a whim or just because it’s easier to believe in that certain thing 


    Thanks bd :)


    So very true. Good answer!

    I'm an athiest but I did read the old testament. It took 1 1/2 years to do it. It was packed with cold-hearted abusive people and the cruel things they did (including God). By the time I finished reading it, I didn't want to suffer through the new testament. There is no way that I could ever be a christian because the bible is a hate-mongers manual. God's demand to hate certain people, and how to make their life miserable is clearly outlined in Gegesis. Domestic abuse is condoned by God and the old testament is littered with examples. My goal in reading it was to have a biblical knowledge inorder to defend myself against christians attacking me demanding to know why I didn't believe. After I read it, I found out that none of the attacking bible-bangers had ever read the bible they professed to believe in.
    I don't like going into a battle of wits with an unarmed person, but doesn't stop me from crucifying these self-righteous bigots in a debate. How can I go to hell if I don't believe in it?. I've never lost that debate either. Blind believers are idiots that think they know the truth because somebody else said it was, even though there is no evidence that it is true. They sit in a pew every church service being spoonfed 2,000 year old ideoligies that were hi-tech then but not even rational by todays standards, and when the offering tray comes around, their money validates that what they heard is obviously gospel (pun intended). If there was no money in religion, no one would do it.
    I'll debate anybody about the christian religion, including the history, care to be next? Buckle your seat belt, it'll be a real bumpy ride!


    If you did read the OT, then it is obvious you missed the big picture, and don't understand covenants. God created us to have a marital type relationship with, but we all turn(ed) away, continuously. No matter what God did for his people, loved them, clothed them, fed them, protected them, defeated their enemies etc. nothing worked. It shows us our fallen nature in glaring obviousness, and that there is nothing we can do on our own to restore that relationship. The NT shows us how we can have our self destructive natures restored again and avoid eternal separation. I hope you get restored too.

    Headless Man

    Your right if you only read the old testament. That was a different age we can't understand. Thats why Jesus was sent to die for us and show the way. Please read the new testament before you make up your mind. Love, Randy


    Please forgive a non-believer for his typos, for he is not perfect, but he is an athiest, thank God@

    I have read the New Testament and referred to the Old Testament. I have never been a book reader as a young person (worked allot and never took the time) now because of eye problems can't read more than 3,4 pages at a time. Now I have found I can read better online so I'm reading the whole Bible online. You can read my profile and see I became a Christian later in life, 37. Love, Randy


    Many people become Christians later in life. You are not alone in that. Keep it up the reading for future discussions. Always willing to discuss things with people who actually read documents. How about anyone else?

    Well i don't exactly know what to call myself but I've never claimed to be an Athiest (except when argueing with a devout know there's more in heaven n earth,horatio than dreamt of in your books ~ to paraphrase the bard.I've seen to many unexplainable things n am left with too many questions.I'm interested in a broad range of interests but have to admit I've not sat n read the bible throughout.We read it in school,I've listened to those with faith n have to admit regularly watch documentaries about religion but I am afraid the Christian religion doesnt resonate with me.I remember being in assembly age 5 and feeling that all that god stuff doesnt make sense n it's never rang true to me.I feel there's more to Paganism.The end of the day the fact that somebody wrote about what god was meant to have said to someone else is hardly proof of anything

    seems to me that many atheists know the bible better than some christians. For example, I ( a non-believer) was talking to a catholic friend about the book of Revelations. He said 'we catholics don't pay much attention to the Old Testament'! True


    thought someone might notice that Revelation is in the new testament. Just shows how few chrissies read the bible

    I class myself as a non believer, I have never seen anything that convinceses me one way or the other but when I consider what has been going on in the world for centuries I sometimes think it is not God that is the problem but the religious puritans.To answer, no I have not read the bible as a book, only sections at a time. What I have read lead me to believe the inital idea was well founded but like so many good ideas it has been bastardised over the years until the original concept has been lost.

    Wow blue I havent.. I have the bible on my cell phone,read parts every day but have never read it like that. but I don't read books either.


    JDB, Are you an atheist or a Christian or something else?

    It is difficult to believe in the premise of this question, since the hundreds of atheists and agnostics I have debated with have not read the bible from cover to cover. In the first place, there is no need to read it this way as over half of it (Old Testament) is reference material for the New Testament. The important thing to do is read the New Testament in its entirety. It would dissolve most inter-religious arguments and false religious organizations. Yes, I have read the NT, and referenced the OT over the past 30 years including the Hebrew and Greek reference translations.


    It is interesting to note that Hebrew kids had to memorize the entire Torah, (the first 5 books of the Bible), by the time they were 7 years old. The rest of the OT had to be memorized by the time they were 14. Almost everyone has access to a Bible today, and I doubt any non-Jew can say they did that.


    That is one vote for having read the New Testament, but only having skimmed and referenced the Old Testament, out of all the people who viewed this question. At least FreedomFighter is honest. How about the rest of you. Have you read any part of the Bible on your own.

    FreedomFighter, the reason I read it was because I wanted to compare various writings on the same subject matter for a paper I had to read. I began with Gilgamesh and that version of the flood, and moved through several other versions of the flood story, including the Biblical version. Then I tried it with other stories too.


    In the end, I decided it was best to read the Old and New Testaments along with the Book of Mormon and others, as to have a better understanding of what people thought they knew about their own religions, and what was actually written. What I found is that the worst offenders of the various religions were the ones within their own religion. For example, Catholics had trouble identifying basic papal doctrine. Protestants thought Martin Luther actually started his own religion. I did not go beyond those two groups at the time, but years later, the same type of study was reported in...


    a major university study. Mine was just a fifty question survey which people were asked to identify themselves by their religion, and then to answer basic questions about several religions that I thought were pretty simple. My findings and the major study seemed to have similar result - atheists scored the highest in both surveys. Go figure.


    Very true. I sure didn't. Although I did read Exodus after seeing the Ten Commandments on television. It was the first time I figured out Hollywood was not factual. I was nine at the time.

    We are all star dust get over it


    Your ignorance surrounding the question is staggering.
    But then again, for someone full of star dust, you are certainly full of a lot of hot air. I am sure others would say the same about me, but at least I admit it. LOL

    Yes, I read the LIVING WORD most every day so I can safely say I have read the entire Bible several times, not typical for most Christians but the LORD said that many people will come to Him in the end and say, didn't we do all these wonderful things in your name and didn't we do all these ba ba ba,and He will say
    "Get away from me. I never knew you!" I know Him and HE is real and awesome and LOVES you even though you are still fighting HIM!
    So many of the Christins you speak of will be surprised. The road is narrow but it is glorious and my life is undiscribably exciting. I see prophesy unfold before my very eyes every day in this chaotic world. Now this is TRUTH!! Believe it and get free!! LOVE Vee
    how many people you totally trust? Hopefully none because we always get burned right?We also know that every revelation that came to us went through human hands,do you belive these sacred books was kept safe, if you do find an old and new bible and you can see for yourself some differences.
    The one thing no one can take from us is our free will that GOD gave us,we may ignore our concious but GOD put a natural guide in us before,we can determine right from wrong because when we do wrong we get notice from our innerselves,some may use free will and ignore our concious,just like in history the Prophets were ignored and their very own people vandalized or killed them.
    It's when we do good deeds that makes us joyus,this is the part of us that we must build on,this is the direction to paradise..
    I'm saying all this so you may understand that our creator gave us at the start everything we needed to walk the good path, remember free will,humans started choosing to go astray so GOD sent us mercy and a reminder and warners in the form of Prophets and revelations.
    trust yourself and the Living GOD that sustains all,folling whats in you.
    For a person that don't believe,are their actions in accord with what they claim.Study creation and you'll find your proof,nobody ever sincerely sought GOD and didn''t find Him in some form or fashion.

    I believe if you start reading on the first page & read right thru you will not understand a bit of it.Don't they say not to read Genesis first as this will cause misunderstanding? Some old friends of mine who were JWs once told me that.I'm not jw by the way & was never tempted to be one.

    Incidently,being an atheist does not make you a bad human being.There is good & bad in all of us.Christian or non believer.Amen.
    I have read the bible from cover to cover several time's
    I have the complete K.J.V. BIBLE and the JEWISH NEW testament on CD I enjoy listening to them every day I AM GLAD HE answered my prayer for the money to buy them

    Thank you for the thumb up
    i have read it cover to cover.numbers did not do alot for me.the gospels did. i think a better use of ones time would be to study the teachings of JESUS but reading it from cover to cover does let you know the big picture

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