If women wear pants, why don't men wear skirts?

    From a debate around clothing last month during Women's History Month: If women wear pants, why don't men wear skirts? To be truly equal, then men and women should be allowed socially to dress the same way, in either gender style clothing. In fact, many men enjoy expressing themselves that way. But biblical sites state men and women should dress their gender, even though many women no longer abide by those standards. While I understand why women have found pants/slacks liberating and essential, and many women continue traditional lifestyle, men too have traditionally worn outfits that could be considered skirts. For example, men wore kilts in Scotland and togas most everywhere for many years. Even Jesus probably wore what many would consider a dress today. After all, men and women both wore togas and similar clothing back then. Comments?

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    You could ask a Scotsman... but it might be safer nor to.

    I have a two year old and an eight year old. A few years ago when my son was around five, I remember so many times he would have confusion on his face and ask, "dad is that a boy-girl?" Not because of a girl wearing pants or a boy wearing a skirt. It was because of a boy looking feminine or a girl looking masculine. I'm not talking about ones natural looks, but boys wearing those girly pants and make up, and girls dressing like male looking gangsters. I've got to admit I've checked out what appeared to be a nice body (female in my mind), then upon second glance feel ashamed that I didn't automatically no it was a male.


    Especially that I found a male attractive-not knowing that it was a male, and secondly, yes, because he made himself look like a female.


    So were you uncomfortable with the knowledge you found a male attractive, or that he was wearing ambiguous clothing?

    if you do wear underwear and dont bend down

    I say, let people dress as they want as long as I don't have to see a young boys ass hanging out of his pants.



    Honestly Mitchell, I do not see girls wearing pants like that around here. Are hiphuggers back in style? If girls are wearing pants down to the pubic line, then yes, I disagree with that too.

    dwayne, we have lots of ways to identify drug dealers. Really, we don't need pant waists to the back of their knees to point them out. Some states have outlawed wearing pants that show ones boxers and more. I'm sure it hasn't made finding the drug dealers harder for those states.


    What about young girls wearing pants down to their pubic line? Do you think that is in any way appropriate?


    the droopy pants actually helps the cops catch drug dealers

    they do depending on what kind of bar your at!

    i am a scot and proud to wear my kilt with nothing underneath it is warm not so good when walking through the heather when its grown high "och it fairly tickles to you darci13 only dumb thing is you maybe you dont wear a kilt is it a handbag?

    they do wear skirts they are known as kilts Prince Charles wears the dumb things all the time, but that is his choice and not mine.


    Being of Scottish heritage traced back to the 1700s where do you, Darci, get off calling the kilt "dumb"? The Scots are a proud and mighty race so beware because "they do walk among you" (Royalty paid to George Buckley for his allowing me to use his phrase)

    Im sootch -irish I wish kilts would make a comeback summertime only thanks i bet a cold north wend would cause big time shrinkage


    Ah, but do you wear shorts bowling, even in the winter, like several people I know? What would be the difference then?


    LOL Dwayne1716. Better you than me. My legs are as white as this screen and then some in the winter time. I'd rather not be the cause of mass blindness at the bowling alley. LOL.


    never have but i mave start

    I saw this on that show "The Boondocks" once. It's not a skirt, it's a "Man-wrap", lol

    In many other countries, men wear skirts and are considered "manly"...

    too bloody drafty
    Because they are unable to sit nicely!
    they do inscottland

    some men do wear skirts and lots of other things that women wear,both outer and under,I know I do.

    you can wear
    because women tend to think they can be like man and can do every thing man can do but man dont wear skirt because thats straight out gay but also is nasty

    What about Scottish men and their kilts? I think you need to expand your thinking but not into the bedrooms of others. I find close mindedness nasty veronica. Also, saying all women want to be like men is an over generalization. Do you wear pants or slacks? Do you want to be a man or like men if you do?

    Good for you, Colleen...

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