What questions should be listed under the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of akaQA?

    We see some questions asked over and over and over....Instead of answering them how about having a FAQ Section to the website. Please submit your questions here.

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    Were does Justin Beiber, live, eat, sleep, have sex, who does he live with, eat with, sleep with, have sex with?

    Is Justin Beiber GAY????

    When is Justin going to tour agaaaaiiiinnnn??????

    Who does Justin love???

    Who LOVES Justin Beiber??
    How can I make my peanut bigger? LOL
    Where can i get free downloads
    Why has my ipod stopped working
    Cant log in to a certain site
    Where has my emails gone
    Is model number a1234 compatible with z1234
    who is my current server
    LOL...these are the boring ones,would be good if they could be seperated.
    how do you get karma?
    Password. I forgot my login and password. I need help please!
    Where did my Favorites go, I can't find them?
    Does Collen ever sleep? Yes she does and she's going to bed now, lol

    Good night (good day) everyone :)
    What does the bible say about...(insert any bloody thing you can think of here....)
    How can I change my profile picture?
    How do I get on Facebook?

    Love it, keep 'em coming!
    How do I get rid of this tool bar????????
    Oh Colleen brilliant big TU for that amount well done
    How do I turn on my IPOD lost the password
    and the same question repeated over about the same hip hop singers one more thing how to cancel my gmail account ETC

    Thank you for the thumb ups
    Is there a God, Jesus, etc, etc.
    What's the best free anti virus
    We should have a great FAQ section if these keeps up.

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