waitress uniforms and service:

    I've traveled the USA and noticed that restaurants that have waitress wearing identifiable uniforms, like dresses or skirts, tend to have better service. In other words, from my travels (49 out of 50 states and much of Canada too) given the choice between two eating establishments that I don't know, I will first chose the one with the most clients, but if that tends to be the same, then I will choose the one with the waitresses who wear uniforms instead of just a white shirt and black pants because I've found the ones who are required to wear either a dress or skirt as a uniform seem to take more pride in their service. The food may not be any better but at least my coffee never gets cold. Is this just my imagination?

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    I totally agrree with you, If a company expect standards to be upheld.It translates to better service.

    I've worked in a few different restaurants and I think it all depends on the atmosphere you're going for. A lot of places set standards around a uniform but let you be unique with it. I think those are the kind of places that realize people go there to have a good time and if their staff if feeling good about themselves it carries over to the service.


    Makes sense too.

    Maybe you just like servers in dresses and skirts better :p


    Well that goes without saying! LOL :-) But seriously, I travel a great deal and am often forced to eat out because of business. Sometimes we go to really expensive places, and other times to mom and pop places. But through it all, waitstaff that have uniforms give better service - and by uniforms I do not mean white shirt and black pants.

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