Fashion is supposed to be cyclical. Do you think petticoats and full skirts will become fashionable once again?

    Put another way, when petticoats and full skirts become fashionable again, do you plan to wear them?

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    March was Women's History month. Several of the ladies in the Women's Studies group dressed in period costumes. All agreed it was fun, but the ones who wore 40s and 50s dresses and petticoats raved at how many extra men "checked them out" that day. One commented she couldn't wait until that style would be back again so she could wear them every day. Hence the question.

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    oh yes! there was a beautiful singer on american idol who wore high high heels and a full, full skirt. it was a breathtaking look. steven tyler commented on her style - he said, "that's cute"

    when i was a young girl i wore the fullest skirts with lots of crinolin petticoats underneath. i starched my petticoats with gelatin and you could hear me rustle a mile away.
    omg ... i sound ancient!


    You may sound ancient, but cute and lovely too. I can picture you as a young lady just the same. Like it too! After seeing the ladies at the university in their petticoats, I for one would like them back too. So much more lady-like than a pair of ripped blue jeans for making a fashion statement.

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