Has America lost his war in Afganistan?

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    America cannot change theire way of live. It is a waste of our effort and money and most of all the loss of life of our military! We cannot win that war.
    Based on what our government tells us:
    It was a war against the Taliban not the Afghanistan people. The Taliban are (supposedly) out of power now and the country is a democracy, no longer under the Taliban rule. We're just there assisting now or so Obama says. We went there on a mission to get even for 9-11. Osama is dead and his followers are scattered. Mission accomplished?

    we have done all we can do there.the penalty for someone converting from islam is death in thier new constitution.the leader is corupt bring our men home or send them to lybia where they can do some good

    Bring them home and get our other troops out of Lybia and home also. We can not afford to fight others battles. Done. Bring them home and put them to work guarding our borders.
    in a nutshell yes...5-7 billion a month for what?
    Should have withdrawn years ago. The point was made, "Kill our people and we will hunt you down". We are capable of eliminating every life form in Afghanistan, including bacteria. But we have chosen to fight a gentleman's war, which is why we'll never "Win" this so called war. We don't bomb Mosques, schools, hospitals that are used to stockpile weapons. I say give them 30 minutes to clear out the buildings then level the structure. Take humanity out of the equation and you will overpower these people. Cold blooded brutality is what all humans fear and understand.

    By taking humanity out, you're saying kill ALL the people. The Afghanistan people didn't attack the US, the Taliban did. This kind of had to be a "gentleman's war" because of that.
    If you will allow a old Aussie an opinion on this one, I say pull all the troops from all foreign nations OUT NOW.

    There has not been a War won since 1945. Korea ended in an armistice so no one won. Lot of good it did I don`t think.

    Vietnam was a shambles from go to whoa and achieved nought.

    First Gulf war should not have been stopped at the border as was proven by the second one . Second one cost more than it gained.

    It is not possible to win a war when you are not allowed to use what is at your disposal.

    It is unfortuneate that all wars have casualties apart from the military. Don`t get me wrong I do NOT say that it is right to kill civilians but let us be candid that is the normal aspect of war.

    Germany bombed civilians, Britan bombed civilians, Japan bombed civilians and the USA blew the shi--r out of Japan. THAT IS THE PRICE OF WAR.

    Today we pussyfoot around so we don`t upset anyone outside the square. So we never win we at best get a uneasy peace.

    Bring them home and cure ilness that kill people with the money saved.

    You will never end hatred whilst religion rules the world in so many diverse beliefs.

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