What do you think about the TSA officers who forced a 95 years old woman to remove her adult diaper while going through security?

    TSA have announced that they stand behind their officers...

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    Its gone too far how did that poor woman how did she feel! I do hope for the woman that it was a woman officer!
    Gone too far. What they do so often now is embarass people into not traveling by plane any longer. Having to take off your shoes was considered bad a few years ago, now you might as well strip down naked and have a cavity search. Right, like I'm gonna shove a bomb up my butt to blow up a plane.
    It's disgusting. Acts like that will demoralize the American people. Osama wins!

    Shut down the airlines if it has to come to this. Let no one fly that way everyone in the country can be safe, safe, safe. Ugh.
    I feel sorry for the old lady being subjected to that. The TSA officers could have and should used better judgement than that.
    Unfortunately this is what airplane travel has come to. It's a shame but your right Colleen Osama wins, we lose. I won't travel by plane unless it is absolutely necessary. I understand they need to have security but this is just to much.
    TOO EXTREME : old lady ain't gonna hide a bomb in a diaper...
    another act of security gone wild,who's watching them? its about time the world started to wake up to whats happening,this sort of behavior is the tip of a giant iceberg designed to insidiously control the population,

    ur right
    Demorilizing and disgusting! They went way too far and they schould sue the Airline she was traveling on.

    the tsa is a governement agancy and can do what it wants. the airline can not go against the tsa and tell them to stop.

    That is too bad. People will stop flying and it will be theire loss.
    I couldn't believe my ears. There has to be an attorney out there willing to sue the TSA. This is too far over the top. Mental distress?
    Time for flying cars.........

    Flying buses, they hold more people, not everyone has car.
    Headless Man

    Just flying people then we can buzz around like bees.........
    say good bye to ur freedom to many american ppl siad its ok to treat americans like crimanals just so they can fly they r the ones who tell the crooks in the white house to keep taking ur rights away

    love your name TU for that
    Very degrading and humiliating.Makes me wonder if they will check on babies and young children as well.


    Dont be surprised if they do, check babys and children.
    I haven't heard about this! Completely and totally disgusting....I hope she handed him a "full" diaper...I would've...they're taking some of this security crap a little too far! A very advanced senior citizen should never be subjected to this!

    The poor lady was sick with final stage TB. And the really sad part was she didn't have another diaper with her. How could anyone mistreat a sick old lady this bady and sleep at night.
    ole hipster

    So true...reminds me of Communist Russia and/or the Gestapo! Unbelievable....I also didn't know how ill she is to boot....those people don't have feelings...more like robots programmed by the government!
    quite an imagination Umbriel just the sort of observant mentality that allows these indignities to be implemented, should one allow themselves to make comparisons between a 37 year old career criminal and a 95 year old lady,what next exploding diapers?

    umbriel this purely speculative diaper conspiracy theory of yours, camouflage's the real truth of the incident, might I suggest working on a more user friendly version, that portrays this outraged 95yo woman with the dignity she deserves,doing so could save you from further embarrassment.
    Anyone who wants to fly should have to go nude that would solve a lot of problems, then create
    I read that the 95-year-old, cancer-striken woman whose diaper was removed did not cry but her daughter did cry from the humiliation. Her daughter could have been very elderly herself! the very old woman was probably pretty much out of it. she may have taken pain medicine to help her through the flight.
    It was awful. truly awful.
    the print was really big in my newspaper. the story sold a lot of newspapers. was there no bigger story the day of diapergate?

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