i have been horse riding for nearly 3 years but i don't think i'am good enough.and i just started to canter but i'am not got good anybody got any tips

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    Stay Confident and PRACTICE practice practice...keep a healthy mind...Or you can just go the easy way and get a trainer :)
    Good advice dh. Cantering is not the easiest stride of the horse to get used to. You must always concentrate on what the horse is doing and where you are in the seat, plus watching where you are going at the same time.

    Remember practice makes perfect.
    Yes - if you require your horse to canter with left leg leading: From the rising trot sit deep in the saddle - put your left leg & heel very slightly in front of the girth strap - put your right leg & heel behind the girth strap - now with your reins apply more pressure on the left rein but still keeping contact on the right rein & at the same time squeeze your lower leg and heel to the horse & slightly "collect" your mount. After four or five steps in trot you should then strike into a canter - when cantering then slightly release the pressure on the reins, still keeping light contact on the horses mouth, and then resume your normal riding position - keep your leg contact on to continue cantering. To canter with the right leg leading reverse the above. When cantering try not to lean forward and allow your waist to move in slight rythem with the horse's movement and keep your bottom seated.

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