Moral Atheist?

    I have been accused of being amoral because I don't believe in a god or gods, even though I believe in the valuable teachings of those teachers like the Buddha, Moses, and Christ. I also believe in living life as though I am not going to see my loved ones after I leave them. I use the Golden Rule and follow the Ten Commandments. I know, like a river up against a mountain, by going around the mountain, you might eventually carve a gorge through it. Are Atheists like me immoral or amoral simply because we do not believe in a god?

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    I Have a personal friend who is a practicing atheist. The gentleman is very bright, honest and I believe a man of honor. I very much enjoy his company. However, I pray that God will expose His reality to the man before it is too late. There are only two directions at death; with our creator or with the father of lies - Hades!

    One does not live only to die and turn into eternal dust.


    How can an atheist practice?
    Surely a lack of belief in something is not a practice.
    I suppose Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens might be called practicing as they write books and articles on atheism, but the rest of us atheists simply are unable to believe in gods, demons, heaven, hell etc but simply live our lives in a moral way, at least I do.

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    Morality is a function of society, not a function of the bible. It exist because it works. It provides order, stability, compassion, honor, charity, truth, justice, all the things that make for a successful society. In fact, it seems to be intuitive. We know within ourselves whether something is right or wrong. The bible was nothing more that mans attempt to codify morality. To write it down and organize it. An atheist is just as moral as a believer if he leads the right lifestyle.

    Steven A Teare

    I totally agree, you are probably a part of me...


    Good answer and the one I chose so far to be THE ANSWER. Good job! Anybody disagree, state it now or else I'm closing the question in the next couple of days. Thanks.


    How do we know whether something is right or wrong? Where did the intuitive come from? There are two moral standards, the one's our self consciousness makes up, or the one that resides in our spirit from God. The "intuitiveness" comes from God, and is His way of getting you to find out how to get back into his good graces.

    Well, the problem is that morallity origionates in the brain and scientist can even show with immagining techology what happens when we think about it. Fact, not fiction. However, your comment that it comes from god is of course you right to believe, but it's still arbitrary. It is supported by neither logic, reason, or rational thought. That it origionates from god is nothing more that a statement of belief that is not backed by any supporting data.

    no I would not think you are imoral I would think its your choice to be that way as long as you don't try too force your belief on me. nor should I try too force my beliefs on you as well

    I would have to say you are breaking a commandment right now. Lying, how? The first commandment: 1. You shall have no other gods before me.(do you worship him) 2. You shall not make for yourself any carved image( do you put anything above GOD) 3. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain (do you never use His name when you lose your temper) 4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy (do you go to church and worship GOD) 5. Honor your father and your mother (I'm sure you do) 6. You shall not murder (I'm sure you haven't) 7. You shall not commit adultery (This is a tough one for the Bible says if you do it in your mind it's the same as if you done it) 8. You shall not steal (probably at some time in your life) 9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor (ever lie or said something that was gossip or wrong about anyone) 10. You shall not covet.(ever want something your neighbor has)

    I'm betting you have broken at least half of them and by the world standard you are a good moral person.

    No one can keep them all thats why Jesus dyed on the cross to forgive us (He dyed to pay for our sin) and if you just accept that you're OK. Love, Randy

    Grit Savage

    what colour was he dyed randy?

    still laughing ;-)

    I'm curious about the color too Randy, but I digress. You are 'betting' that I have broken at least half of the ten commandments by taking a world standard that I am a good and moral person. What makes you think I am using anyone's standard other than my own? And more importantly, why would you think so?
    Headless Man

    Sorry about the misspelling, I'm not going to change it to show I'm only human. Is kinda funny. We have all broken at least half of the commandments thats not the problem asking for forgiveness is all we need to do.

    Right on the money Bluedeath. Do the best you can in the here and now at least that way you will know you have tried. Too late to hope to be the best angel in so called heaven.

    Morals are configured by your upbringing.. atheists are just as moral as religious people, and there are always unbalances on either side.. religion has nothing to do with morality, it has to do with purifying the soul so they can find a good place in heaven when they die.

    Not one of us can be "GOOD" enough to make it to heaven that is not what will determine that it is believing upon Jesus Christ and accepting and asking him into our hearts is the only way. Morals are very good if good morals indeed but that is not what makes the determination.

    I imagine I could say I am also immoral regarding my beliefs. However, they are MY beliefs and thus very does the old saying go now??..oh yes...sticks and stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me! go with the flow (so to speak!)

    So who was more moral? Hitler or Mother Theresa? Neither according to the moral standard from the Purity and Holiness from God. Hitler thought extermination of the Jews was moral (and some still do). Mother Theresa spent most of her life sacrificing it to care for others. Self consciousness is what determines our sanctity of morals, but they are not absolutely moral. God showed us the standard we need to be at because we have all fallen away from it. Jesus was the only one to achieve His standard, and we are to allow Him to recreate it in us once again.

    Good answers, each and every one of you. I'm proud of you all for taking a stand on the idea that you don't have to be religious to be moral. This seems to be in direct contradiction to many of the answers I've read lately. Makes me proud to be an American (Freedom of Speech...).

    Have lust read that atheists in the USA have a lower divorce rate than those in the Bible belt.

    How do believers in God explain that?

    Good answer. It's everyone's right to their own beliefs. Who cares what's true and what's not? I do, and that's all I have to say on the matter...

    Atheist or not you still have a conscience,

    some good answers to a good question.I dont follow any organised religion ,i live my life as my conscience dictates and try to do the right thing by people and in general.Its probably just me but it works for me

    well ouly god  knows and when he comes back to get us you will know the ansor but you might not like it  hugsssssssssssssssssssss

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