Did you know a small asteroid is passing earth today at 9:30 AM? It will fly as close as 7,500 miles.

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    Near-Earth asteroid 2011 MD will pass only 12,000 kilometers (7,500 miles) above the Earth's surface on Monday June 27 at about 1:00 PM EDT. The asteroid was discovered by the LINEAR near-Earth object discovery team observing from Socorro, New Mexico. 2011 MD will reach its closest Earth approach point in extreme southern latitudes (in fact over the southern Atlantic Ocean). This small asteroid, only 5-20 meters in diameter, is in a very Earth-like orbit about the Sun, but an orbital analysis indicates there is no chance it will actually strike Earth on Monday. The incoming trajectory leg passes several thousand kilometers outside the geosynchronous ring of satellites and the outgoing leg passes well inside the ring. One would expect an object of this size to come this close to Earth about every 6 years on average. For a brief time, it will be bright enough to be seen even with a modest-sized telescope.


    Smarty pants!

    Smarty pants!
    Hot diggity! I'd like to climb on board the asteroid today! Rough day! (:

    You might get more than you bargained for.
    No, Blimey thats close i must remember to duck!
    Wow, that's really close! 9:30 am what for what time zone? Did they say if we would be able to see it?

    It's an American site, so I guess it would be your time.

    We have 4 different time zones.

    I don't have a bomb shelter we'll have to rely on the Supreme Being.

    well egg plant its time to pry to god for mercie bye from sniper 1237 just to be shore eggplant be safe becouse i dont have an bomb shelter

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