MAC or PC?

    Which is better and why?

    I have a Mac, but use PC programs on it. Is there any advantage to actually buying a PC?

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    PC is intellectual and Mac is for a artistic mind.


    As I said before, I am running PC programs on my MacBook Pro, not because I want to, but because it is easier than reformatting some documents. Over all, I have had no problems with my Macs compared to the PC's I was forced to run at various work places. But if there is a real advantage to getting a PC instead of either running mac versions of pc programs or running a parallel processor and running windows, please explain what it would be. As for the intellectual verses artistic mind, I'm not sure which category my mind would fall into. I work with historical documents and write a lot!

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    I agree with Vinny for the most part, the great thing about a mac is you don't have all of the virus problems you get with p.c.'s. Most of them are designed to attack p.c.'s not mac.

    Headless Man

    Thats no small thing though.

    I have had both. My last one I bought is a Mac do not think I want to go back to PC, but that is my opinion. I love my Mac.

    Once you go Mac, you never go back.

    My wife has a "secretarial service" she opened in 1986. She started with 2 PCs and 1 Mac. She now has 8 full time employees and 4 PT. She has had 4 PCs and and 9 Macs. She has spent over $3,200 on PC repairs in five years as opposed to $154 to repair a Mac keyboard and She didn't want any Mac's to start with. Now? She is in business to make money. Even Obama can't print enough funny money to get her to switch from the Mac. Over the years she has had six different employees who didn't want use the Mac to start with. Since all employees are paid bonus money based on production, the PCs are VERY SELDOM used. Enough said?

    My first computer job was programming whirlwind 2 in the early 1950. The job required small hands and as a child plugging in patch cords to program a block of memory required about twenty minuets. Then when I was seven I worked with Dough and Nancy Berringer on data compression which I adapted from writing code used in spy novels...where a book page and word number set described a word of translated code. The compression method is in use extensively in computers today. After years of struggling with PCs, Microsoft and a heap of IC studies, I retired to the Shangra-la Bliss of Mac notebooks. I feel like a kid again...and it runs on Linux like OSX which vaguely reminds me of UNIX also left behind. Everything before Mac required lots of work to keep it going.

    I'm a Mac guy, I got the first Mac a 128k computer that still works. I have had several sense have never had a virus and other than a couple hard drives not much else to go wrong. I know if your a gamer you might want a PC, or if you have to bring homework home from work that use PC's. Although new Mac's can run windows also, so why would you want a PC, cost but you get what you pay for.

    Headless Man

    I don't have to pay for a virus program, never had to sense 1965:P


    I have yet to 'acquire' a virus on my PC laptop that is 1.5 years old. I am now running W7, I use AVG to stop the virus that may attack.. Also, I have not had a crash since I bought it.. Extremely fast and reliable. Downside? i can't run MAC software.. LOL, but that's ok.. I have enough PC software to choose from.. At our local Fry's Electronics here in CA there is rows upon rows of software and hardware for PC, there's only one row for MAC. Ironically where I reside is where their corporate hdqs is located. San Jose (Cupertino)

    Well this is a can o' worms..

    I use PC but I use a PC because I like to work on them, its a side hobby for me. I also like PC because there's much more software and hardware available for them. Technically speaking, probably the MAC is better but I remember years ago when betamax and VHS was the war of the times, Betamax was clearly better but VHS won the battle because more manufacturers we building them (there's more to it than that)

    I also believe there's a certain status that rides with owning a mac and having that little glowing apple showing at starbucks. The Yuppie Syndrome.. I put Mac in the same class as Prius and Global Warming. Not all bad but not my style.. I hear Macs are the best for graphics but that was some time ago..

    Many years ago I got a Mac because I'd heard they were so easy to use that even elementary school kids could use them.
    I kinda learned how to work it and never went back. I've never had a virus and I do think the graphics are better. Years ago I liked the little apple. It wasn't a status thing - it was just cute. In those days the apple was striped with colors. Oh, why did they change that little guy? itsmee

    I bought my laptop at Fry's Electronics when I was attending college in Costa Mesa. I bought a nice pc, but kept having a problem with it. I brought it in a few times and different employees told me to this or that, but eventually the problem got worse. So by the time I brought it back it was past the 90 day warranty. But the manager checked it out and found out the hard drive was faulty. He replaced it with a better computer than I had before, I was impressed with their customer service. They really stand behind what their products.

    MAC is awesome, forget about PC , it has so many great programs that a PC doesnt, so much advantages. not going to list :]


    'Normal computer' LOL!! So then, a MAC is not a 'Normal computer'? I must agree with that.. Oh please list the advantages of having a MAC, I would be interested in seeing what are the 'ABnormal computer' advantages.. LOL


    Nah! :) I'm really not that interested in what a Mac can do that a PC can't do since my PC does everything I want to do in the first place. I know that if I want to do something else there's rows and rows of software for PC and only one for MAC.. :) I don't diss the MAC though, it has its captive audience, it just had never captured me. I'm a bit slippery and I don't 'think different'.. LOL


    lol vinny, i'll change the words from 'normal' to 'PC' is that ok now?


    plus i'm not going to list the so many programs that a mac has and that a Pc doesn't but you can always do your research on the net if your so interested

    I have a Mac, but use PC programs on it. Is there any advantage to actually buying a PC?

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