How do I clean a horse stall?

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    Muck out the soiled "wet" bedding along with droppings - shake up the day litter (the straw that is left) to allow the air to circulate and air. Bank up the day litter around the stable sides and leave the floor area without bedding allowing the floor to dry. Late afternoon lay the day litter back on the floor area, add new straw and mix with the day litter.
    call 'mike rowe" from "dirty jobs"
    remember the story of "How Tom sawyer white washed the fence" by Mark Twain? Got any mates? make it look like fun & get them to help.
    If you can afford it pay someone else to do it for you, if not the only thing I would add is to hose it down and wait for it to dry before you add new straw.
    You take a shovel and wheelbarrow and put all the crap in it,and dump it in the manure pile,after all clean you put fresh straw.that it & that all.

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