I just wanted to ask for your thoughts and prayers, my kids and I are off to Peru in two more days.

    We are off in a short while....thanks again for your thoughts and prayers...bon voyage

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    Ms Sinclair

    AS I tell anyone who travels, keep your eyes on your passport, money, travelers checks, and other valuables. Put them in a secure place. I lost all my camera equipment once in Amsterdam when I took my eyes off of it for a few seconds to look at a map. Safe travels.

    Great advice....being a mom I hope my skills of having eyes in the back of my head have been well honed...thank you

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    Absolutely! Have fun and don't worry about a thing. If you get mountain sickness, don't be afraid to chew on some coca leaves. Just don't try to bring them back!

    Lol...I read it is illegal to even bring back the tea leaves. Thanks for the advice and I am sure we will have fun. Nervous jitters being our first trip. Thanks for the advice
    You and your children are in my thoughts and prayers, you all will be fine, God will be looking after you all. I hope that you all will have a FANTASTIC time on your visit.

    Thank you spaceghost. We are all nervous excited...hope to sleep tonight;)
    Hope you enjoy yourselves,have fun and relax.We will still be here when you get back. Cheers x

    Thank you pythonlover...we will be on a tour so relaxing might not be on the go, go, go list but we will have fun. Cheers to you as well.
    awesome mom have a great and safe trip,, send us ALL a post card admin. has our addresses god bless

    I wish we could send out a big post card. We sure are Not yet seasoned travelers.
    If you are planning to send photos via internet to a web site , is it to be a your own public site with guest access?

    I wish I knew how to do that, maybe my kids can show me how , I would love to start up a sight on all the adventures we have. If so I will let you know...thanks robertgrist

    I’ll work on this.
    Safe travels and have a blast!! We'll leave the light on for when you get back :)

    Lol..thanks for the light...we will have a blast thanks. Will look for it in a few weeks;)
    I am sure everthing will be perfect. Enjoy and have a great time.
    Just make sure to keep a Diary. We want to know everthing you did. God bless.

    I just bought a little travel journal...just hoping with the tour I will have time to keep it up. This just doesn't seem real. Thanks Ann:)
    Let us know when you get back. We'll be thinking of you until then and hoping you're having a blast and all is well.

    Thank you will be the time of our lives;)
    My dad went to PERU back in the late 1980s a very beautiful country a ton of stuff to see stay safe prays go with you have a ball.

    I appreciate your prayers...we are a little jittery being we have never even flown before. Should be an adventure of a life time. Hopefully just the beginning.

    Have a lot of fun and you should buy one of those belt packs that go's around the waist this will protect your money or traveler check's better than a regular purse
    Have a great time. Let us know how it was upon your return.

    You bet Ms Sinclair...soooo darned excited:)
    Can you take me too, please..!? ;-) All of you will be fine and have a blast!

    I would if I could...the more the merrier. See ya round in a few weeks;)
    Happy Travels.

    talk to you later. : )

    Bon Voyage to you...back in a couple weeks...leaving in the morning. Thanks
    You and your boys have a safe and wonderful trip to Peru. Hope you guys get to see and do all things planned for this trip. Enjoy and have fun!!!

    I appreciate that and we will:)
    I will, have fun mom, and be safe make sure to buy some pepper spray while your there, just to be safe.

    I might have trouble bringing pepper spray in my luggage. My two boys will keep me safe, one is six foot tall so he can be my

    Cool, I was suggesting that you buy some when you get there, stay out of questionable areas and keep your purse under your arm. Be safe, but have fun, hope you get a lot of good pic's and glad you have your bodyguards to watch your back.
    Getting out of your comfort zone makes you feel free and rejuvinated.. DOnt stress you are going to be fine.. and your kids are going to love making the memories.. Safe travels and lots of love!

    Thank you Jenn..we will have a blast.
    my daughter is making her first flight across the u.s. i read these and i think of her as i read the comments for mom.
    i think of mom, too!

    thanks itsmee...I hope your daughter has a safe trip as well.
    What can I say that hasn't already been said.My prayer and though are with you MOM & Boys have a nice safe trip,also safe return,God willing.LU ALL.

    Thanks facebook...we are all trying to just keep our feet on the ground with the excitement.

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