who thinks that pot should be legal or decrimealized

    do u now that more than half of pepole sent to jail for pot are non vilont offenders i think if we could leaglize it we could take care of or national det or how many things u can do with hemp place ur thought

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    GOD made pot. Would u trust GOD ? I DO !!


    sorrey dont belive in god odin is my faith

    I believe all drugs should be legalised. They should be given on prescription. This would stop at a stroke all the money spent by the government of finding so called criminals and stopping any money being made by drug dealers. Also if it would through taxation provide massive extra funds to the country. Cannabis is no more harmful than tobacco or alcohol so why not send smokers and drinkers to jail? No making alcohol illegal in the days of prohibition resulted in what? Exactly! Drink peddlars and illicit bars. Just like drugs

    legalise it

    Me, personally? I believe in decrimilization. Legalizing it would make things complicated. Also the government would regulate it, tax it to death and charge up the ying yang for it. Much better to let people grow their own, just like veggies! I'd much much rather be around pot smoking folks than some drunks! How many times have you seen stoned people fighting compared to some people who are inebriated on alcohol?? God bless mary jane, she's been around for a long long time for some reason!

    come on pepole give some reel answers

    Genesis 2:17
    But you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.
    I feel the same with drugs that effect the mind, they will kill you or make your life miserable eventually.
    OK, if tour on your DEATH bed but otherwise no.
    GOD makes all kinds of things that are bad for us but he give us the wisdom to choose.

    strong text yes it should be decriminalized but the govt. would have to reduce its spending and you know thats not going to happen

    Legalizing pot is stupid and risky. If you wan't your kid growing up watching you buy pot then move to sweden. Saying it brings in tax money and not doing so incentivises black market, is like saying handing out condoms to every school kid does nothing to peak their curosity, and does not send a message that early sex is okay. Bull.

    Legalizing pot will ruin anyone who uses it.

    Headless Man

    You're right some can drink alcohol and not become alcoholics but why take the chance.
    What good does alcohol do you that apple juice (for example) won't.
    How many would go to an apple juice bar? WHY?

    ole hipster

    Why do you say that? People react diferently to pot just like alcohol. Have you or people you know had bad experiences??

    LEGALIZE IT. please? lol it would deffinitely pull the economy out of the slum also. why hasnt this been done already???? you cant even get addicted to it like you can to tobacco. wth

    I have severe scoliosis. Pot is the only non-addicting option open to me. Legalize it completely.

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