deer eating my plants

    what is a good way to keep deer from ur harvest but safe to the enviorment

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    electric fence the best.
    Hi odorous soap does the job only if frequently changed. This is expansive or you don't put anough and don't get the result.
    Commencial product same result than soap and more expansive.

    I live a rural area... beauty shops bag hair clipping for some of the locals to put around their garndens. I don't know if it works but they have been doing it forever.

    If we quit destroying the deer's habitat.They wont have to destroy our habitat.Sounds fair to me otay

    haha.. just pee on your garden. Maybe that is the key. animals are more instinctive about territories with urine. Do it!

    papa peg

    I think bear pee wood work better.If you can get a bear to pee in a jar try it

    Venison is lovely. I have some recipes if you like.

    I know this sounds gross but I have read several recipes for home made deer repellent sprays, from water with dish soap to water with hot sauce in it; but all of them say to add 1 cup of human urine; I know that would repel me!

    I live on a rural greenbelt- we have a lot of deer traffic up and down the creek bed, and our apple trees were stripped bare of leaves and blossoms every spring until I went to the dollar store and bought sparkly, noisy plastic necklaces and toy jewelry that would move and click together in the wind. I added some used compact discs suspended on fishing line (all this stuff goes on the trees, not the deer). The deer don't like the sudden movements of the cd's and avoid the noise of the plastic beads. Actually had an apple or two last year.


    great idea... thank you for sharing.

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