our children gave us an $80.00 anniversary present. our son and his daughter signed the card BUT he didn't contribute any money. what do I do??????

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    I agree with expert, this would be between your son and his siblings who put up the money. This is not for you to worry about.

    Definitely would be a faux pas to do it any differently.
    Happy Anniversary BTW. How many years is it?
    THANK YOU, expert, colleen, and 6 dogs ... I was boiling mad but now I see your point. without a doubt.
    now if i can only get rid of this anger i carry ...

    How long has it been?

    Maybe he just doesn't have the extra cash right now? Again, leave this between the siblings. If they're not worried about it, neither should you. They did let him sign the card after all ;)
    Just wondering who told you that he didn't put the money in,you would be none the wiser,and be left to enjoy your gift.

    I asked my daughter if he had contributed to the gift. It looked odd because he & his daughter signed the greeting card that went with the gift but my daughter did not sign it.
    It seems that it was her way of telling me without telling me. (it's a girl thang)

    My computer has been acting strange. I'm just putting this here to see if it helps. 

    So more importantly, what gift did you get ?

    four foot tall, shiny, brilliant blue lawn flamingoes with big bright marble eyes.
    Send a bill to your son with a note. "Thanks for nothing, son!, Love you!"

    Sheesh..that's mean, lol

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