how do you trim a rose bush

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    Wait until January or February when the bush is dormant. First remove all dead canes. Then trim off one-third of the remaining canes. lastly remove any canes that cross another cane. You should end up with a prolific bush in the spring and summer. Don't for get fertiLizer, insecticide, and water.
    Here in New England we wait until the snow is gone, like April or even late March if it's mild enough. Then cut back all the canes to the green part. Above the green it's brown or black which is the winter kill. Usually the older canes will die back to the ground, but if not the really old and thick ones can be trimmed back to make more energy for the new canes to grow. I usually wait until I see new growth starting before I put down fertilizer for the first time and then water it is really well.
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