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    what is a good product to remove urine oder from carpets?

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    nothing gets rid of the smell altogether especially if its human pee, thats why old folks homes smell best throw out d carpet

    If you ever notice, the urine is kinda oily. I use boiling hot water [just a little} and suck it up with the cleaner. It breaks the oily parts up...

    PS There are these things called belly bands, You can get them on Etsy and since I've been using them on the dog, No pee! I love them..

    wash with vinegar let dry then put baking soda for four hours then vacum you be fine

    Shampoo your carpets and then spray with febreze; it's a miracle worker. I have two dogs that occasionally tangle with a skunk, and it is always in the middle of the night when I am already for bed. I spray them with febreze and it actually kills the skunk smell, so I can bath them the next day. Anything that can stop skunk smell, surely can cure your carpets. Good luck!

    fill a squirty bottle with soda water spray urine and blott with paper towel and repeat untill the smell has gone usually after 4 or 5 goes this works

    I think white vinegar diluted with water

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