why do people try to escape reality with drugs?

    why do people try to escape reality with drugs?

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    There is no escaping reality with drugs. They involve a physical reaction. They trigger the brain's pleasure center by releasing endorphins. This makes the individual experience a state of euphoria that's equivalent to the mood one has after falling in love or winning a lottery. No subsequent experience ever equals the first, and this sets the individual on a course of trying to have that experience again.

    Unfortunately, each use of any drug diminishes the ability to do just that. Along the way, the individual becomes tolerant to the increased level of endorphins and when the increasing amount of drugs fail to deliver that level, the individual becomes despondent and sometime physically sick. Certainly, this does not come close to describing what the individual feels during that period. It's impossible to describe, but it is terrible.

    Something to remember is that for each good experience the drug delivers, it takes back ten times that in horrible experiences, which is why addicts often commit suicide rather than live in that condition. Nevertheless, staying in that bad experience gradually bring recovery from the physical and mental torment, but it does not stop the psychological desire to repeat that tirst experience which is why so many addicts relapse.

    This is why it's so important not to have that first experience. What you do not know, you cannot miss.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Excellent answer Socraticus. I have had that experience and you put it perfectly and were everyone can understand it. I am not even going to try and offer a medical answer b/c yours is nearly perfect. A THUMBS UP FOR YOU MY FRIEND>


    I have some experience with drugs and drug recovery. I'm aware that drug usage causes euphoria and that in fact is desirable. Abuse comes with the addiction, the obsessive and compulsive use. The fix !
    I'm wondering why the masses keep using drugs while their life crumbles down around them. And escaping the reality of this is preferred. Not all people find a rock bottom or stop digging for that matter ie overdose and suicide follow. Thanks for taking time to answer.

    I think life is difficult, when we were young we had so many dreams and expectations ........but then we realize later in life that the nine to five job we work, isn't what we were dreaming about when we were kids. When I was young I tried pot out of peer pressure. Many people use drugs to cope with life's problems and stress. Christians believe it is because we have a God shaped hole in our souls, and if we don't know Jesus, we try to fill the gap in our lives, trying to find happiness.

    It makes us feel good and people want to feel good. But drugs aren't the way to true happiness...
    That has to come from within and I personally believe the only way to be truly happy is to have faith in God and someone to count on besides ourselves.

    try this Genetic Science Learning Center, "Mouse Party," Learn.Genetics, 24 January 2011, (5 March 2011) great story about what happens to a mouse brain on drugs


    Very cool and I like the idea that if we teach drug effects to people we may prevent them from using these dangerous compounds.

    Well I agree with the other answers that life is too overwhelming for some and therefore they choose a means of somewhat of an escape, ie, drugs, alchol, sexual addictions, etc. But that being said that makes one be somewhat of an ostrich, you know like sticking your head in the sand, and all hell is breaking loose above and if one has their head in the sand and does not see it then therefore to them it does not exist. Well that does not work and I think eventually they find that out but only when they hit rock bottom usually.

    For the same reason men go to get a breather from their wives.

    sometimes it's nice to try something different, it opens your'e insight and view of life more

    I've had a lot of friends in the last 30 years that did drugs.And a few overdosed and lost their lives.You can try to escape reality with drugs.In the end the drugs always win.

    First of all i think you have to get past certain preconcieved ideas i.e,that the vast majority of people who use drugs are addicted,have serious substance abuse issues or are trying to escape the reality of their miserable lives.The reality is that the majority of people who take drugs are normal working people who use the recreationally.There are junkies like there apue alcoholics and others that lose in all walks of life.
    I'm not condoming drug use but saying drugs dont make you run from life nor are the majority of users looking to escape but using them as a tool which is what they are.What so many people are afraid to admit and umwittingly losing credibility with their arguments due to is the fact drugs are enjoyable.The people who misuse them have that weakness in them and would turn to drink,gambling or something else instead

    because their reallity is to rough to handle.

    ole hipster

    Yup, reality can suck

    Life is overwhelming for alot of people, and to escape for awhile they drink or do drugs.

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