How would I barbeque elk steak

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    Wash the raw meat with cold water, and remove any film or membranes that is covering the meat. Usually, this is already removed from processed elk meat.
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    Cut the steak to your desired size, place it in a bowl and cover it with enough milk to submerge all the meat. Cover and place in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight. The milk will reduce the "wild" flavor and will tenderize the meat the longer you let it refrigerate.
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    Place the flour, pepper and garlic salt in the baggie. Close the baggie and shake well to mix.
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    Cast Iron Skillet

    Heat the oil in the skillet on medium heat. For venison meat, you do not want to fry it fast. This will toughen the meat again.
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    Remove the meat from the refrigerator. Do not rinse the milk off. Simply pick up a steak and shake off the excess milk. Place two to three steaks in the baggie and shake to coat well.
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    Gently place the steak in the hot oil until the skillet is full. Cook until the bottom side is golden brown. DO NOT TURN OVER UNTIL THE BOTTOM IS BROWN. Use a fork to gently lift one side of a steak to determine if it is ready to turn. Turning too quickly will make the breading fall off.
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    Chicken Fried Elk

    When both sides are browned, remove to plate and serve with desired side dishes.

    Tips & Warnings


    Use the pan drippings to make a fantastic gravy. Use different spices.

    Be careful of grease popping.

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    Very quickly and carefully, no fat in it like beef so cooking too long will toughen it up.
    as you would eel steak

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