will wars end before the world ends

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    God must love wars and killings, he allows it to happen continually. Like poor people, he likes them too, he made millions of them.

    I like others here don't think we will ever stop wars from happening, there is and will be something that the other guy wants.
    In time this world will enter into 1000 years of peace and then the cycle will begin again. This is a school where Souls come to learn from kindergarten up. The unwise Souls will always bring trouble. The wise ones can merely try to teach peace, love and acceptance of all God's creations. As long as there are people who say, "No, you can't do that because it's not what I believe", there will be wars.

    almost sound like you are quoting the good book sister

    Do you use the phrase sister just to needle? Just thinking back on a few weeks ago.

    All spiritual beliefs in God, all organized religions will have similarities and at times sound like each other. Your book (excluding the Jesus is God bit) is based on an ancient teaching of God. The true religion given to mankind by God. It is what all religions are off shoots from.

    just having fun no malice
    NO. War will never end. Winston Churchill said, Men like War, otherwise they would have stopped it a long time ago.
    The men who plan wars are never on the front lines, so they don't give a sh--- who gets killed.
    I don't think they'll ever end.

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