how to press charges for returned check

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    I suppose you just have to go down to the local police department and file a complaint, here are some sites to check out. You will find more detailed info. there, it may depend on what state your in as well. Hope this helps:

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    How to Press Charges Against Someone for Writing You a Bad Check
    Writing a bad check, even of a small amount, is a crime in all 50 states. Non-sufficient funds' cases, where the check bounces due to lack of money in the account ... - Cached
    Can I press charges against someone who wrote me a bad check?
    Depends on the amounts of the checks, if the total is over $500, then it's a felony and severely punishable by law. If it's less than that, consider suing him in ... - Cached
    Can I press charges against someone who wrote me a bad check ...
    Best Answer: Call police station and ask them what the proceedure is for prosecuting a bad check in your county. Usually a magistrate's court or small claims court - Cached
    I had a tenant bounce a check on me once. I called him up and told him that I wanted cash in place of the check if he had any intentions of staying in my house. I also told him no checks from then on, only cash. When he was asked to leave, I took all the bank charges for all of my checks that bounced because of his bad check and deducted them from his security deposit.

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