Would you be comfortable with ?

    Making a speech in public.

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    Yes. As a teacher and coach, that's my daily routine.
    I've done it before and am pretty comfortable with relatively small groups, I'm sure if the numbers were in the tens of thousands or millions this would make it more difficult for anyone.

    no not at all would feel very unsteady and would be afraid of making a ass of myself
    Yes, I've had a few jobs where I had to give talks on personnel issues to hundreds of employees on a regular basis, so this wouldn't bother me a bit.
    I don’t enjoy standing behind a podium and giving a subjective speech. I prefer a Q&A chat that is a two way exchange that can involve any number of people. An informal exchange or roundtable discussion. A friendly exchange can involve agreement and disagreement which brings out the best in everyone involved with the exchange of ideas. I like to share rather than indoctrinate a room of people who can find comfort in the safety of their surroundings and those present. I like controversial ideas and I know some folk are not comfortable with such notions, in these ways are found a greater understanding and deeper insights.
    I don't really care for public speaking that much. But, communications classes in college to my surprise, actually taught me how to effectively do that under different circumstances. Anyone can talk before an audience, whether they feel comfortable or not, but the key to it is connecting and effectively communicating with them.
    Yes, I do that all the time. Don't be intimidated, don't try to overdo, focus on the subject. If you get through a first few minutes, you will be fine.
    would telling jokes to a small audience count?

    If the small audience were strangers,that would count.
    Theres always a trick to making speeches: just a note for you in the future: Do not imagine everyone to be naked because it will not make you more comfortable rather it would make you look like an original fool while your laughing your head off out of nowhere in front of hundreds.
    Another note: do not try to imagine them to be ice cream cones too: the reason is too (not right) to say here.
    No i couldn't do it,wouldn't like the anxiety that i would feel.

    I went to traffic court a few days ago and I felt fine speaking in front of people and the judge.

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