Is it legal to film the police when they arrest someone?

    While they arrest someone.

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    If I were a witness to a crime and filmed it and the arrest or just the arrest it is not reasonable to let the police have the evidence because you are a witness…If the police took your camera or stopped you from recording the event then they would be guilty of witness tampering. A witness presents evidence in court that is their property. Its an interesting problem and one that needs to be settled in court. I think the police should be forbidden from witness tampering or intimation of a witness.
    I don't believe it is illegal to do the actual filming, but it does irritate the cops when you do it. If it irritates them enough, they will find a way to get you into trouble for it.
    It depends on where you are doing it. But in the US people do it all the time. I've never heard of anyone getting arrested for doing it.
    they can film us (most cruisers have cameras mounted under the grill) so why cant we film them.
    National Press Photographers Association General Counsel Mickey H. Osterreicher has since written to the Rochester PD, and tells them that “While it may be understandable that your officers had a heightened sense of awareness, that is still no excuse for them to not recognize a citizen’s right to take photographs/video of an event occurring on a public street.”
    A woman was arrested today in New York after being caught filming policemen while they were making an arrest.

    I would guess they charged her with obstructing their arrest, or possibly failing to leave an area of unrest after being told to leave.

    That will end up getting thrown out. She was on her own property filming. A citizen has a right to take photographs/video of an event occurring on a public street.

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