how do I deal with carpet mold?

    I already treat them with a bleach solution, but some mold came back.

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    You can try spraying your carpet with a mixture of water and Vinegar. Leave it for a half an hour and then wipe it with a damp rag or towel.

    After you've cleaned the mold, you can drop a few drops of thyme oil or citronella oil on that area. It repels mold (and mosquitoes).

    I will try this today. Thank you.
    The problem with spraying bleach is that the force of the spray causes particles of the mold to break off and become airborne, if it's a mold that's bad for your health(especially Black in color), this could be dangerous to do.

    The next problem with spraying bleach is that over time it looses it's sterilization properties, and becomes food for mold. The best thing to do is find a professional to solve the problem or use a professional product, such as benefect, or Milgo. You may just want to go the easy route and put tile on your patio. Hope this helps.
    I have always been told that when carpet gets wet and it dries, mold will always start growing and the only thing to do then is to rip it out. I had carpet all through my house when we moved in even in the family room downstairs where the washing machine was. The washer hose came out of the drain and flooded the floor. We used a shop vac to clean up the mess, but the carpet never smelled right after that and we ended up ripping it up. After that, there was no more smell.
    you could try sealing your slab in this area with a concrete sealant. the moisture in this area could be coming up thru the slab.get the moisture out the mold will die quickly
    do you live on a slab or a crawl space foundation

    On a slab. Thanks for your quick reply

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