Would you comment if a close friend was constantly "Verbally" abusive/critical towards their spouse, or would you say nothing?

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    I would try to get them aside and ask what was going on to bring that type of attitude on and offer my help. It's really not a good idea to behave like that in front of others, embarassing to both the visitor as well as the one being verbally abused.
    Being me I guess I would most likely I would finally take enough and say hey who died and made you God and what makes you think you are so damn perfect?
    ed shank

    Was said perhaps not exactly as you stated but the drift was the same.

    Hey Ed, always enjoy your questions and answers.
    ed shank

    Thank you my dear.
    If you are in their company and he continuosly does this, you would have to say that you feel uncomfortable and embarased by his attitude,and as for his poor wife she must be a nervous wreck.
    ed shank

    I have talked to him for years. I can shut him up for the evening but the next visit is the same as the last.

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