How many and which countries have you lived in for more than one year?

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    I have only lived in one country all my life. Actually I have only lived in one state all my life. Sorry but I am not a traveler. I am happy though.:)
    ed shank

    Many, many years ago I worked with an elderly man approximately 60 years old who had never been more than sixty miles away from where he was born. I found that to be so unusual.

    That is not as unusual as you might think. Both of my parents grew up here in MA and never left the New England area. My dad did because of WWII, but not for pleasure. Other then a weeks vacation in Washington D.C. I've never left this area either. I have visited the surrounding states for vacations but not to live. Unless my children move away, I'll probably live out my life in MA. I just don't have any desire to travel.
    Bohemia, Germany and USA. States, PA., CT. and NH.
    none, still living in the same s..thole
    Born in Germany, moved to India, father was an American Embassy guard, than to the states. Lived in Montreal for a few months as well. The strangest country I lived in was Brooklyn, NY.

    ed shank - Brooklyn NY isn't a country
    ed shank

    Tell that to someone who lives in Brooklyn. The have their own language. Brooklynese.
    Two. USA and what is now part of Japan.
    I have lived in the US all my life. I have lived in different states during my lifetime, I lived in Texas (3 yrs.), Massachusetts (3 yrs.), Florida (3 yrs.) and the rest in my home state of New Hamphsire.

    I have lived in Portugal/Spain/ France /Ibiza//Middle East/USA/South Africa/ naw now back in the UK

    Lived in UK, for almost 20 yrs, two yrs in Morocco, eighteen months in Turkey, and fourteen months in Tunisia.
    I lived in Sardinia, Italy for 3 years when I was 40 years old and in North America all the other times.
    I lived in Sri Lanka for five years.

    How did you like it? It's on my "Places to Visit List."

    I liked it very much, but that was before the big war. The country is very unstable and you never know what is going to happen next. The people are nice and helpful. The food is good. Never trust the army or police, even if you're a foreigner. If you're a female you could get raped by them. Aways be together.

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