What would your reaction be if you were confronted by a stranger and were told you are their biological parent?

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    If this did happen to me i would be fully prepaired for it.I would live my life fully aware that the child may want to know his/her biological parents as they got older. After all, i was the one responsible of bringing the child into the world,so therefore i feel it would be my duty to explain the circumstances of why i chose to give the child up.Im glad that i was never put in that kind of position as the guilt would be unbearable to live with.
    ed shank

    Giving up a child must be the hardest thing a mother can do. However, better to do so than not to be able to properly provide for the child. (Addiction problems, etc;)I believe at times it is done out of pure love.

    You would have to have one tough heart to be able to do it.The addicts have got the option of surrendering the child until they get their addictions sorted,but 9 out of 10 choose the addiction rather than the child,so in this case the child has obviously got to be placed elsewhere.Just hope the child can show forgivness when he/she goes knocking on biological parents door.
    ed shank

    I was one of those who knocked on the door.
    I'd be embarrassed and feel guilty. I'd ask about his mother. I suppose I'd give a lame-a**ed excuse about being so young and foolish back then.
    If you were asperm doner I guess you would have to live knowing it is a likely outcome.

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