Did you hear about the woman driving at high speed as she was late for work when a policeman stood up from behind a bridge with a radar gun?

    Pulled the woman over and asked why she was going so fast.
    She replied "I have a very important job and I am late" Cop asked "What is this job? Reply "I am a rectum stretcher"
    "What the hell do you do as a rectum stretcher?" The cop wanted to know.

    "Well I put 1 finger in a rectum, then 2 fingers then 5,then my whole hand." "them my arm then my other arm and I stretch until the rectum is about 6 feet"

    The cop said "Bullshit, what would you do with a 6ft arsehole?"

    "Give it a radar gun and get it to hide behind a bridge, what else"

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    3 Answers

    Gt joke, any more, ?
    Good one PL!

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