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    i can not log, on i forgot my computer windows password

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    At the login screen, click on the question mark button. If you have given yourself a hint, you will see a bubble pop up with text that you inputted when you originally made the password. Try to think of every possible thing that would relate to that hint and try typing it in. Don't give up too easily. If you solve it here, you will be done. If this fails read the following:

    You can create a Windows password reset disk to reset your password. Follow this 5 easy steps:

    1. Enter a computer that can link to Internet. Download Windows Password Reset Tool from and install the software on that computer.

    2. Run the software and create windows password reset disk by follow the instructions.

    3. Eject the created CD/DVD and insert it into the locked computer.

    4. Reboot the locked computer (it's necessary for you to change your locked computer's BIOS setting to make it boot from CD drive) and then follow the instructions to reset Account password.

    5. Now login Windows and set a new password.

    Hey dear,
    I would check out this article, there are some step by step instructions there on how to find out the Windows password it is asking for.
    Reset Vista Password | How to Set and Reset Windows Vista Password
    Have a try, good luck!

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