what are the effects of people smoking and drinking alchol

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    Lung cancer and cirrosis of the liver
    a slow, smelly death, for one.
    Enjoying life at its fullest. You forgot the other important ternary activity practiced to excess by people with real 'joie de vivre'. Sex.
    Lower brain oxygen levels which make you even dumber than you already are...
    There is mounting evidence to support that tobacco smoke and alcohol are worse for health as a combination, beyond the individual exposure is also well reported various diseases of internal organs attributed to these products, if you dare handle with care.
    Cough, cough....vomit, vomit.....get my drift?
    Enjoying life of their way.
    really down-beat, not a wise decision to smoke and drink in life, that business about "we're gonna die anyway,might as well have a good time or from sirrosis or cancer" yeah yeah, or my uncle lived to be almost 90 and smoke and drank, yeah yeah,but think of what a life he would of had if he did not smoke and drink, smoking and drinking really is a headwrecker life wrecker for more then just the person who is doing the smoking and drinking,
    ed shank

    Your absolutely right. Booze has destroyed more families, created more of societies misfits than anything else including hard drugs.
    The effects are very bad. I do both. I enjoy both. Than again I buy my own poisons which is taxed to death I might add. The next time you see a drunk lying in the gutter with a cigarette in his mouth, thank him for his tax contribution. Were it not for him your gasoline would cost $15.00 a gallon.
    When did you last see a Muslim smoking or drinking alcohol?
    ed shank

    Are you kidding me? Go to any titty bar and count, 75% of the drunks are muslims. Get real.

    I stand corrected, but I have never visited a titty bar, whatever that is.
    The thing is...nicotine (the addictive chemical is tobacco) is a stimulant, which speeds up the messages from the brain to the Central Nervous System. Alcohol is a depressant, which has the opposite effect, slows the messages down. So when a person is smoking and drinking, the brain gets mixed messages thus effecting the rest of the body.

    Doesn't one offset the other ? ;-)

    In theory...but the different levels of stims and depress. throw off the balance of the oxygen flow to the brain. Don't get me wrong...I like to toss back a cold one now and then but like everything moderation. Never was a smoker!

    I hang out with several H.S. teachers and I can attest to the fact that tossing back cold ones is definitely an integral part of their social curriculum. Who can blame them?

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